Cop “Had No Choice” to Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Child Because He Left His Taser Home?


A family is deeply devastated after police murdered their mentally ill son in cold blood, according to reports.

Mark Wilsey called 911 because he was worried that his son was having a medical episode.

The boy, Keith Vidal, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffered from depression.

Cop “Had No Choice” to Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Child Because He Left His Taser Home

The 911 call was made after Keith wouldn’t let go of a small screwdriver.

Mark wanted some medical assistance to calm down his son responsibly, so that he didn’t accidentally harm himself. keith vidal filming cops police brutality

When personnel arrived, they were able to control the situation by negotiating with the boy.

The father thought that everything was under control, but he never expected what was about to happen as a cop, who has not been named, entered the home.

“Everything was going good until this fat cop from Southport walks in the room,” says the father.

The officer became violent and started tasing the boy.

The boy was shot three times with the taser gun and immediately fell back onto the ground.

He was then dog-piled by other two other officers, crushing him under their weight.

The boy weighed only 90 lbs.

“Two officers were on top of him. You know, he’s got the little screwdriver. I mean, I would have went and got the screwdriver from him,” says the father.

The father then rushed over to help and tried to grab the screwdriver away.

But the cop said “We don’t have time for this.”

That’s when he stepped between the father and the child, pulled out his gun, and shot the child in the chest — executing him immediately.

“I went to help, and I hear a shot!” said the father, devastated.

The cop was aiming to fire another shot.

The father says that at that point he had to grab the officer to prevent him from shooting again.

“What did you shoot my son for?!  There was no reason to shoot my son!” the father yelled.

The cop who moments earlier said “We don’t have time for this” changed his story to “I’m protecting my officers.”

The boy’s parents watched their son die in a pool of his own blood, which caused the mother to suffer a breakdown at the scene.

Keith Vidal was only 90 lbs and five feet tall — he had no history of violence and got along great with other children in the neighborhood.

He was enrolled in college while still in highschool, on his way to achieving academic success. Sadly, it has all been taken from him.

“He just wanted to keep to himself but he really was just an outgoing kid, he loved to do stuff. He was talking about coming and pressure washing working with me in the summertime,” says his brother.

“He was only 18. He hasn’t even started his life yet, and now he’ll never get the chance to,” he continued.

The mother was deeply saddened after recovering from her breakdown. She believes that the officer is a murderer and should be put to death, according to reports.

“There was no reason to shoot my son. They killed my son in cold blood! We called for help and they killed my son.”

The officer’s name has not been released.

He has been put on leave, still collecting paychecks from Americans who are forced to fund his career via “taxes.”

The Southport Police Department assured the media that they are internally investigating the issue, according to reports.

UPDATE (01/06/14): The family reports that the police are trying to cover-up the murder. Video below:

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UPDATE (01/07/14): Department says first cop to arrive at the scene acted according to policy. Cop who killed child gets paid leave while under review.

The Boiling Springs Lakes Police department now claims that the officer who first arrived didn’t violate any department policies or laws. This officer was not the officer who shot the family’s son, though he was present at the scene. Reports have surfaced indicating that the officer who pulled the trigger might be Bryon Vassey, who is on “paid leave” and still under investigation.

Brad Shirley, chief of police, released a statement from the department regarding their “internal review”:

The Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department would like to express that our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Keith Vidal.

Communities are outraged after finding out "paid leave" was given to the cop who shot the boy in the chest.

Despite his schizophrenia, Keith Vidal was enrolled in college and wanted to be successful. He had no history of violence and was loved by his family and community.

Our agency has conducted an internal review of the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Officer who initially responded to the call for service and there is no indication that departmental policy or state law was violated by the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department officer.

I am unable to comment further on the investigation and will refer all requests for information relating to the investigation to the Brunswick County District Attorney or the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Our agency is committed to assisting both the District Attorney and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation in their efforts.

UPDATE (01/09/14):  Police Group Says It’s OK That Cop Executed Child

A group of cops who claim on their Facebook page to be “the voice of law enforcement officers” have been caught publicly defending the execution of the child.

The group calls itself “North Carolina Police Benevolent Association.” Its opinion on the matter was reported by CNN.

Unbelievably — yet unsurprisingly — they say that the cop was justified in killing the child because he believed the boy posed a “deadly threat” to another officer.

You read that correctly. A tiny 90 lb boy, surrounded by three cops with tasers and guns and bulletproof armor, was a “deadly threat.”

The cop who killed the child “employed authorized law enforcement action,” they say, “to stop the continuing threat of deadly harm to another officer.”

The Facebook page of the "North Carolina Police Benevolent Association."

The Facebook page of the “North Carolina Police Benevolent Association.”

Meanwhile, messages from Americans who are heartbroken and who have a sense of real justice continue to pour in on Keith Vidal’s facebook profile.

Keith was loved by his family and community and posed no "deadly threat" to anybody.

Keith was loved by his family and community and posed no “deadly threat” to anybody.

 UPDATE (01/26/14) – Communities Want Justice, Holding Vigils

Communities continue to protest and hold vigils for Keith Vidal, a mentally ill child, after a cop said “We don’t have time for this” and executed Keith in front of his parents.

According to a report by State Port Pilot, hundreds of community members and families gathered recently for a vigil in memory of Keith.

“I think being a parent, I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, I would need support,” said Connie Propst, one of the organizers of the vigil.

Karen Fay, a friend of Keith’s mother, also promised to stand by her side until justice is served.

“I’ll be by her side until she accomplishes all that she needs to do to make sure that she gets justice and this doesn’t happen again to another child,” says Fay.

The family’s attorney, Adrian Iapalucci, concluded the vigil by saying, “Justice may take some time, but I know we will get it.”

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  1. Adam says:

    The cop that killed him was mentally ill. Spiritually ill too. Disgrace to the badge. This is one time the Thin Blue Code of Silence should not be held up! It’s time to start calling spades spades. This cop was pissed off that he had to take off from his break. He went in pissed and he was going to make a quick end to it. The fact the kid had a 3 inch screw driver was simply justification to kill him and claim danger to “his” officers which I question if he is a out of jurisdiction cop and the only one who was violent.

  2. ajweishar says:

    It sounds like we have a mental health crisis… law enforcement. Whatever happened to the macho cop who could disarm someone without a Taser or 9 mm.? I hate to sound medieval, but learn to use a bola or throw a net over these people to wrap them up without any shock. Gauchos use bolas to bring down stray cows, very effective way of stopping a runner. The way law enforcement is headed now, they’ll be using heat seeking missiles on speeders.

  3. archie1954 says:

    This is standard police operating activity. They kill non dangerous people on a whim as this monster did here. i wonder how the policeman’s family can live with a killer under the same roof. There is no rationale for this murder none at all.

  4. ravenmaven09 says:

    How many more innocent citizens will be murdered before you wake up America??
    These rogue cops are insane killers.

  5. Alexander Davis says:

    wow WTF is going on in America??? Have you guys lost the plot entirely, people need to stand up for what is right, it seem’s almost every week there is some innocent kids being killed by police over there, something NEEDS to be done about it.

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