Cop Retires With Full State Benefits After Getting Caught in Pedophile Sting Operation

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JG Vibes

Whenever we hear about these crazy instances of police brutality that occur in every town every single day, the officer guilty of the aggression rarely every experiences any consequences, or even any shame.

Most often they are rewarded with paid vacations and severance packages that will leave them set for life.

Recently a police officer was even caught in a pedophile sting operation, and then was still able to retire with full state benefits.

Cop Retires With Full State Benefits After Getting Caught in Pedophile Sting Operation

According to 7 Hawks Media:

“The Worcester Taliban & Gazette Is Reporting That a Worcester Cop Has Been Allowed To Resign & File For a Retirement Pension After He Was Bagged In An Internet Sex Sting Conducted By The Massachusetts State Police.

45-Year-Old Worcester Police Officer Neil Shea Was Involved In Immoral Sexual Chats, With What He Thought Was a 14-Year-Old Girl That Turned Out To Be A Massachusetts State Trooper.

The Worcester Cop Was Tipped Off By Investigators Before Charges Could Be Filed.

Those Investigators Must Be Fired & Criminally Charged, Along With The Sexual Predator Cop Neil Shea.”

The telegram posted a section of their online discussion:

“Still, you judge whether Officer Shea was a promising subject. Here are snippets from the chat. He is Latenightcop171.

Latenightcop171 — So you want to learn things

Undercover — What can you teach me

Latenightcop171 — Lot of things

Latenightcop171 — We’d have sex “

An article at Tech Dirt discusses how the sting operation was terminated once they discovered that the pedophile on the other end was a police officer:

Shortly thereafter, the undercover cop went offline to track down any information on Latenightcop171.

The cellphone number provided by Latenightcop171 led back to Officer Shea. Moments after this discovery, the investigation was terminated.

We know that once his identity was discovered, someone from the command post alerted the Worcester Police Department Detective Bureau, which confirmed that Mr. Shea was indeed a member of the department.

We know that once this confirmation was made someone decided to terminate the conversation with Mr. Shea.

We know that the termination was suggested by the Worcester Detective Bureau on the grounds that if Officer Shea had not at that point made “any offers, or broken any law, and that he had not crossed the line, then we should just move on to other more promising subjects.”

Any normal investigation would have continued until the “line” was crossed but in this case, in order to keep one of their own from incriminating himself further, the Detective Bureau called off their own investigator. And it looks as if Officer Shea would have gone further, if given the chance.

We also learned that later, after the undercover officer went offline, law enforcement officials later went back to check the transcript of the chat room conversation and found that “Latenightcop171” had made additional contact, including leaving a friend request.”

This person will never answer for his crimes, and sadly it is possible that he is just being more careful now and continuing to victimize innocent children.

This situation is also very telling about the true nature of the legal system, it isn’t here to protect the average people, it is an instrument that is used on behalf of the ruling class.

It is also important to mention that the police forces, and the entire legal structure is a government monopoly maintained through the threat of violence against anyone who dares to compete with it.

Breaking the legal and police monopoly is one of the most important strategies to achieving freedom, because the power to protect a particular community belongs in that communities own hands, not the governments.

This article originally appeared at The Intel Hub.

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  1. Rudy February 2, 2013 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    In Norway and Denmark it is a “democratic right” to be a pedo …

    Which is next country ? Beginning of worldwide SODOM and GOMMORHA.

  2. Rev. Bob Celeste February 2, 2013 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Until fathers fear God Almighty more than they do the police, the g0vt, this will continue unabated and grow in number and occurrence.

    I can understand how a father may fear for his family if he did anything, but I cannot understand how a grand father can stand by and allow the one who attacked and raped his grandchild escape.

    Fortunately God almighty will not stand by, He will patiently wait till that child molester comes trembling before Him, (Hebrews 9:27) and then He will deal with that bastard (Romans 12:19b). He will also wait to deal with the father and grandfathers.

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