Cops Guns Down Unarmed White Boy In Salt Lake City, Mainstream Media Goes Silent (KUTV Video)

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This is very similar to what happened in Ferguson Mo.

Dillon Taylor, 20 from Salt lake City, was leaving a 7 eleven store around 7 pm when police received a call about a man with a gun. Upon responding to 7 eleven they saw Dillian leaving the store and ordered him to lay down on the ground. Dillon had his ear phones in and did not hear what the cops said. When Dillon grab his pants to pull them up the cops opened fire.

Cops Guns Down Unarmed White Boy In Salt Lake City, Mainstream Media Goes Silent (KUTV Video)

Dillon was pronounce dead at the scene.

“It came in as a 911 call that there was a man with a gun,” said South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darrin Sweeten. “He was verbally challenged and ultimately was shot.”

Sweeten would not release any more details of the incident.

It has been rumored that the Cops were not White cops. If true you have exactly the same situation as in Ferguson Mo, except the cops were not white and the victim was white. Where’s the outrage over this incident?

A day after Salt Lake City police shot and killed a man whose family claim he was unarmed, questions about the shooting remain unanswered.

“They’re here to protect and serve. More like shoot and kill,” said Jerrail Taylor, Dillon Taylor’s older brother. “Anybody in this house or anybody on the streets, if we kill someone, we’re doing 25 years to life in prison. I’d like this cop to lose his job and do the same amount of time like a regular human being.”

Dillon’s brother and cousin claim they were on their way to visit his parents’ graves and that Dillon was surprised by the police presence. He was not aggressive, they said.

“He had headphones in, and he couldn’t hear [anything], and then they finally surrounded him,” Jerrail said. “They’re like, ‘Get on the ground,’ and [he] pulled up his pants and [they] shot him.”

Thayne believes police might have thought his cousin was reaching for a gun when, in reality, he grabbed his cell phone.

“I was in shock, because he was wearing a white t-shirt and there was blood all over it,” Thayne said. “They ran up and handcuffed him. He wasn’t moving.”

A witness’s video shows police yelling for the two men to remain on the ground as Thayne repeatedly screams that they have shot his cousin.

The two men were taken to the police station, but released hours later without being charged or cited.

Family said Dillon had had struggles throughout his teenage and adult life, including a criminal past, after losing his parents at the age of 12.

They hope to remember him as a loyal friend and devoted father-to-be. His girlfriend is just a couple months pregnant, Jerrail said.

“He was the funniest kid ever,” Jerrail said. “His own baby will never meet him.”

The family has set up an account to help pay for funeral expenses. Wells Fargo Bank is accepting donations to the “Justice for Dillon” account #6386866385.

Family and friends are planing a vigil at 7 p.m. at the 7-Eleven where he died.

 Where’s the outrage from mainstream media on this shooting? It seems they pick and choose which shootings they televise, why is that? How many more innocent kids need to be gunned down by the police before communities hold these public servants accountable?

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  1. Janniejammergat says:

    It will get no attention….just another white killed, all part of the agenda, just look to South Africa to see what coming to the US of A and other white Christian nations, unless your government start taking a stand now against this sort of thing. I believe it is the agenda of the NWO to ferment racial tension between races in order to bring about civil wars & reduce the world population, we all need to wise up to their agenda before we kill each other.

  2. This case has only one similarity to the Ferg buck shootdown: That a person was shot by police and killed. This kid was minding his own business, not robbing the store and assaulting the owner. This kid wasn’t walking down the middle of the street, nor did he punch a cop breaking his orbital, nor did he bum-rush the cops.

    YES, this should be all over the media and everyone should be pissed. But it won’t happen. It doesn’t fit the playbook of the poor oppressed minority jiss gittin ‘long niggas.

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