Copy of VIDEO BLOCKED WORLDWIDE + NWO Plans To Kill Billions of People + ILLUMINATI 2016 Compilation


Copy of VIDEO BLOCKED WORLDWIDE + NWO Plans To Kill Billions of People + ILLUMINATI 2016 Compilation Anti Hillary Shirts …


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  1. Trump is still going to be elected the U.S. President and all the bad elements will be placed in Jai9l. and all their money ,property will be confiscated from them.

  2. Half-truth. Half-opinionated assumptions based upon lack of complete comprehension of the full spectrum. However, it is understandable as it is a part of human nature to be fearful of what you do not understand, what you are not a part of, what is kept secret from you, and what is beyond your level of authority. I would suggest you use the remains of your days in a more useful manner, by searching for, discovering and nurturing your inner self. I will start you off with a helpful hint. You cannot even begin to find yourself with all of the hate and negativity you carry if you honestly believe the perspectives portrayed in this video.

  3. Research D-wave. THAT is when they will have full control.

  4. Mully says:

    Banks don't make money out of nothing numbnuts…. If banks could just spawn in money the USD would be inflated soo much… this guy is an idiot

  5. Rey Avalos says:

    Very interesting!

  6. and u're such an underground youtuber they aren't able to put this video down since a month..?

  7. Carl Capps says:

    If you must fear Fear God his planet his people always and forever.

  8. Amber eve says:

    Fuck.. So wtf do I do

  9. studd11 says:

    Trunp gonna stop it all. Gods chosen wrecking ball for satanic filth.

  10. Thor says:

    I'm pissed off !!

  11. lea Lindsey says:

    half of you commenting are brainwashed, spend too much time watching bs propaganda on TV, uneducated or simply have no life.

    HAARP, geo engineering, illuminati, free masons, Bohemian Grove, Hollywood subliminal messages in Disney ie; celebrity puppets, martial law, guillotines, FEMA camps, depopulation for a New World Order.

  12. well I was going to watch and support ur video but I need to constantly delete the big ass boxes on the screen just to read the text. no thanks man

  13. SILENTMARINE says:

    Skip to the end and you will see the real bull shit agenda here!!!

  14. White people are evil in the flesh!!! THE ENEMY of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll humans!!

  15. John Doe says:

    Could you show us real proof that its banned like news reports from sky/bbc channels or maybe a well known website not just our bullshit say so. Ya go on say the media will not say anything as there part of it. Its called bullshit and because you have zero proof you will say any shit. Just give us the proof.

  16. kill the one percent VOTE OUT OF EURO VOTE FREEDOM gary slade UK

  17. The NWO is an amalgamated lavish lifestyle, castles and powerful armies for the corporation kings and their sleazy guard-dogs only! And hell for the suppressed hard taxed peasants!!!

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