Costco Pizza Sampler Shot to Death by Police After Taser ‘did not work’


Worker was upset because she was handing out samples of a product the store didn’t have in stock

Adan Salazar

A woman handing out samples of pizza at a Costco Wholesale store in Virginia was first Tasered then shot to death by police after she allegedly rushed officers wielding a knife and scissors.

Store employees said 38-year-old Mhai Scott, a worker for Costco contractor Club Demonstration Services, was “acting oddly” and “started saying crazy things,” frightening her boss and co-workers.

Costco Pizza Sampler Shot to Death by Police After Taser ‘did not work’

“Witnesses said she seemed upset about the pizza she was handing out and was waving a knife and scissors, threatening employees,” reported NBC Washington. “Deputies were called to the store to handle the disturbance.”

When police arrived around 3 p.m., Scott ran at them carrying a knife and scissors, to which they responded by shocking her with a Taser, but that apparently “did not work.”

“One officer tried to use a stun gun on Scott, but [Loudoun County Sheriff Mike] Chapman said the stun gun ‘did not work’ and one of the deputies fatally shot her,” reports NBC.

After hearing five shots from the food court, store employee Nora Lateef said she heard police saying, “everybody out of the store! Out of the store!”

A sheriff’s deputy was also wounded in the leg during the one-sided altercation, but police are refusing to say exactly how that happened. The deceased attacker reportedly did not have a gun, leading to speculation that his injury was the result of a bullet ricochet.

One of the store’s manager says Scott was reportedly, “making strange comments about the pizza she was serving,” but Lateef says Scott was upset because she was handing out samples of a product the store didn’t have in stock.

NBC reporter Shomari Stone correctly summarized two questions needing to be asked at this point: Why didn’t the Taser “work”? And, most importantly, why were the officers firing guns in a crowded store?

Additional questions needing explanation: Where’s the security footage? Were police justified in using guns in a knife fight? and Was Scott on some kind of medication?

Don’t hold your breath for answers.

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    Another egregious murder by cop. How many more before some kind of uncorrutped judicial penalties will take effect?

    • Joe says:

      Cops do this because of judicial penalties! Cops are trained to shoot until their guns are empty and to aim at the core of a body (central mass). They are told to do so if they FEEL threatened! The judicary AGREES with this attitude as shown by the number of cops jailed for killing innocent GIRLS! Two cops cannot control ONE GIRL!? Two trained in tactics cops cannot disarm one crazy GIRL?! It is judically correct for two scared pigs to open fire at a GIRL in a crowded store? We have been so dumbed down most see the correct response to this as the use of a tazer rather than the pigs using their superior training, strength and numbers? Once you think a tazer is the tool of choice for these incidents you open the way for the use of guns as well. If a tazer is justified on a GIRL would you use one on your daughter? Another area where we need to become aware is WHO is training these pigs in military tactics? It is the ADL and we are being herded into the same corral they herded the Russian populace into before killing 60 MILLION of them. The same sect is making our laws now.

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