Countdown to World War 3 (WWIII) : (Without Introduction) – Part 1


A storm is coming are you ready? Please check the links & Info below: click show more. Also check out my channel and read channel description. Part 2 coming …


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  1. I hope my ex girlfriend awakens soon and returns to me and says hun you were right. i warned everyone but my ex i will never let her go emotionally, shes been blinded by true love and spirit and I hope she repents now. but i will guide her if no one will.

  2. Abc Ab mc says:

    yesss more vids thamks

  3. michelle mac says:

    @MrNibiru10 u here too -.-

  4. fuck turkey they are israels bitches! forgive language

  5. lansanak says:

    turki i love u salam from indonesia

  6. whats the name of the song at the end with the turkish military?

  7. Peter Dunn says:

    You obviously don't watch the news.

  8. Israel is about to attack Iran (they said before Christmas) and China and Russia have already agreed to back up Iran. U.S. and the U.K. have agreed to back up Israel. Yeah its lookin like a World War people…

  9. Wery0re says:

    ottoman mehter song

  10. Wery0re says:

    songs ottoman mehter marĊŸ

  11. Just remove ourselves from israel and that's it, no world war.

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