Couples Answer Tough Questions About Adoption


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  1. If they were to have their own child they wouldn't be able to pick and choose what they want their child to have and not to have. I feel like ticking all the boxes is more similar to what it would be like to have your own child. Though the race and ethnicity and possibly mental and physical state is dependent on genes, but sometimes genes mess up so…

  2. The amount of Incest children who are born with congenital disorders is significantly lower than what people might expect so if it were me, I would have definitely checked the "Would consider" box, especially since they had already indicated the all the other Conditions they were willing to accept.

  3. I can definitely relate to Becky and I don't think she's a terrible person. I'm sure most families of children with special conditions love them and feel blessed to have them in their lives but if you had the choice, I bet everyone would choose not to have their child go through the struggle. As a sister to a brother with Mental Retardation I can tell that it really takes a lot of bravery, patience, time, dedication and the thickest of skins to deal with a child like that… and I know I wouldn't have had the strength my mother has had these 17 years.

  4. lazycatlux says:

    Premature doesn't always mean unhealthy. I am premature and even though I didn't breathe for 3 minutes and weighed a bit more than one kilo, I'm perfectly, maybe even healthier than most people

  5. Teekay Talks says:

    My heart really goes out to some of these children who have these severe disorders ?

  6. xaliciax1 says:

    Omg I'm adopted does that mean I could be one of those options? ?

  7. I'm adopted.
    I'm native. I had to get braces.
    All in all I'm pretty normal :)

  8. zena ahmed says:

    Everytime the said that they will not consider something it actually hurt me, I felt an instinct to cry and I know that isn't fair because it isn't easy to be in a that position but it feels like a child has been discarded and I am quite emotional with an brother who suffers from severe autism so it breaks my heart ?

  9. This video just made me break down crying. This world is full of such futile problems, while there are children born with mental retardation that are left without parents. And we have the luxury of checking off 'would not consider' when mothers give birth to a child that way, and can't just not consider it ???

  10. The dress Becky wears in this video, Lilly also wears it in S3E7 of How I Met Your Mother.

    Yup, my life is kinda sad.

  11. Mia Ruiz says:

    As someone with autism it really sucks to know that if my parents didn't want me i might not get adopted because of my disability, it sucks knowing that people wouldn't adopt children for reasons the child can't help.

  12. Well that's not gonna work…. ???

  13. I feel really sad about these people just writing off autistic children. What people don't realise is that autism involves lots of different things and is not always a severe disability. psychologists don't give the diagnosis of aspergers anymore (in England at least) and so I was given the diagnosis of autism. It's a spectrum.

  14. ZUCABBY says:

    My heart broke when they said would not consider a child with Autism/Asperger's. As a person with Asperger's we aren't bad. In fact a lot of us are smarter than our peers. We have issues but we just need a parent who loves and cares for us just as any other child.

  15. My brother has a mental and physical disability (I don't said retardation because although its a medical term, it has also become a very ableist word) and I love him to death, but personally I don't know if I would have the ability or even the mindset to care for a child with a severe disabilty. And even though I grew up around someone with a disability, I still can't help but get frustrated with him sometimes. I'm not a bad person, I mean if I gave birth to a child with a disability I wouldn't give them up but it would be a challenge is all I'm saying. Just because a person isn't willing or ready to care for a child with a severe or even slight disability doesn't mean they are evil. It's not easy. You must have an open mind, caring heart and enough resources to support them.

  16. Zak Zaki says:

    3:20 they're goals asf

  17. Syrena Webb says:

    we know people who wanted to have 4 kids, but only ended up having 2 biological kids due to the wife's health. then this past year they were approved for adopting two kids, had to get a bunch of paperwork done, and also asked us if we would write a reference (because personal references from other people that know them give the adoption agency a better idea of who they are adopting kids out to). they ended up adopting a pair of siblings that were
    a boy and girl 🙂 so now they have two boys and two girls and are so happy.

  18. I could do mild autism or intellectual disabilities, but nothing beyond. That is a life long commitment, and I don't think I could be selfless like that by choice.  I grew up with a sister who had disabilities, and she at age 29 is still living with my parents who are older. Kudos to those who could take on this. <3

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