Creepy creepy ! Serena Williams ( athletes ) on Mind Control Sport lit Exposed 2015


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  1. biyorkman says:

    Serena Williams is transgender

  2. Kevin Adams says:

    wer the white illuminati stars at or its just me

  3. Tiny Mudkip says:

    Lets be honest, the fucking illuminati is bullshit propaganda

  4. skeglar says:

    everyone screams illuminati when someone becomes successful, just stop. there are soooo many famous and successful people that sre outspoken about their religion so the theory that every successful athlete is illuminati.

  5. WARNING: watching videos like this is scientifically proven to rot your brain and reduce your IQ. Avoid at all costs!

  6. Read a Bible with all honesty. Wouldnt believe it but all of everything is there. The truth has been giving to us. Will you recieve it is the question or just continue to be ignorant an dwell off the self pride. Help eachother by spreading the good news the Jesus is the one who sets order to this satanic occults. Screw religion. Its about relation. Get to know Jesus he will explain EVERYTHING if you really care about our fanily friends an your self in the world of demons. Understand. Ask for it. I beg you. Just search the scriptures man thats all i can say. May God give an guide you to understand an to seek the truth deligently. Pray for strength an Boldness to come against this evilan wickedness.FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE. THE MESSIAH IS COMING prepare yourself. Watch and pray.

  7. Do idiots who'll believe any old bullshit find crap like this or does crap like this find idiots?

  8. she is a man and its part of the agendz

  9. only the black successful athletes huh? What"s the matter, Satan ain't into white folks?

  10. Oh god l its 2015 and we still have cunts that believe in this shit!

  11. Yo this shit is so insane. You people talking about God in here have clearly never read a Bible.

  12. Witta K says:

    These videos are made by the illuminati for people to fear them.

  13. aimeecurry46 says:

    check out project paperclip then look into mk ultra monarch mind control slaves. almost everyone famous is one anymore if they are not clones or synthetics. look up pictures of presidents and their clones open your eyes people.

  14. Illuminati is a vastly over-used word. I understand why it is used so much. It is because there is a basic misunderstanding due to the secretiveness of the elites in all the various fields of entertainment and business but the Illuminati itself is more or less just the powerful political group of people shaping and forcing the world towards a one world government.

  15. I can't be the only one that noticed 1+0+6+3+3+8+4=25=7… not the best at math but come on now

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