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Creepy Forbidden Archives / Unexplained Mystery shocking Paranormal Documentary Shocking Documentary: Strange ِscariest Creature Alien Ghost Caught …


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  1. TitenSxull says:

    Still a better anthology than those terrible VHS movies.

  2. Its not bad. It got more of a scetchy kind of twilightzone glimmer over it. And its not that bad. But it isnt that great either…. Like the wich who disapered… What wz that. And topping it with saying it was all true?. So Its funny at the same time. Black comedy.

  3. nothing but fake

  4. bArNoS
    I personally thank you for the documents , especially the ones in mexico. I have studied Carlos Kastaneda, Don Juan matus, all the books notes everything.. I know exactly what I see in those documents, and I'm so excited to see them in action, thank you, thank you thank you.
    I will treasure these documents.. I'm sorry I'm too excited

  5. R0ckstrmik3 says:

    They can't be all fake , come on trolls

  6. Phil Graham says:

    I'll tell you what I don't like as all and that is you ass holes that bulldog your adds on the screen of something I am trying to watch. I wouldn't watch your program if It did interest me just because your trying to shove it in my face. People like you are the reason I don't watch tv. If I want to watch your shit I will choose to watch it and it sure as hell wont be because your trying to force it on me for your fucking brownie points or for what ever your clown ass reasons are.

  7. Wendy White says:

    Real or fake? It doesn't matter. These stories are interesting.

  8. Com Plexity says:

    English narration over English dialog

  9. Xc Ix says:

    I see it as a ruse, might just be a "movie " like the Blair Witch Project " just my wild guess. Cute, who took pics after running aground? And his hair on his head didn't grow in all that time. Great "old" flicks though likely simply "projects " kinda weird

  10. For those who dont know: These were all found footage videos directed by Jean-Teddy Filipe and they first came out in 1989 and the compilation was named "The Forbidden Files." They are worth watching as they are very entertaining.

  11. If you are angry these aren't what you expected you probably didn't pay attention to the very beginning of this entire video.

  12. for the first part of the video with the man in the boat that camera is boss we think we have good stuff today, my cell phone would not ever last a day stop upgrading we are really going backwards

  13. the witch was just a property scandal nothing more

  14. James Wagner says:

    The first thing that raised suspicion were the date stamps on the archive footage – I don't believe cameras were made with that capability in the late 70's? If there were cameras with that capability, they weren't common.

  15. No H8 says:


  16. OliveDove says:

    What the hell is this rubbish!!! lol

  17. Strange that the shipwrecked man has a cine camera and loads of film, eh?

  18. People are such angry fucks. Spoiled angry fucks.

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