20 Filmed leading up to WMMA Champion Cris Cyborg UFC 198 fight in Curitiba Brazil, this documentary will take an in depth look at …


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  1. enduroknoa says:

    This woman was actually pretty good looking before she started to use hormones or whatever peds she was/is on……all them manly features just do not all of a sudden appear naturally in a womans body I belive.

  2. TJP Real says:

    She's dying,cutting weight to put the weight back on,the next day she fights.Stupid shit.

  3. Rastamike808 says:

    She's 31? She looks late 30's lol

  4. J'onn J'onzz says:

    She got busted for steroids. Why is everyone still cheering her on. Am i missing something was the steroid bust BS?? Or did she reallt get busted for cheating.

  5. Ignácio Ito says:

    This video shows nothing.

  6. Blue says:

    The best female fighter of all time.

  7. Jason Idiom says:

    Loose you're Roid muscles. Loose your advantage you gained from cheating. And then make the weight very easily. She said herself she doesnt want to loose any muscle.. why not?

  8. Jason Idiom says:

    Change your diet for fucks sakes.. stop trying to make people feel bad for a cheater who refuses to loose her cheating advantage

  9. yowza says:

    I bet it's not as bad as McGregor's cut to 145. He looks like death at 145.

  10. Blake Garvey says:

    One word : BEAST!.

  11. All right I'm gonna settle this argument once and for all about her cheating. Let's measure her clit. If it looks anything like Chynas shes a dude and shoud fight men.

  12. wheelmanstan says:

    and women still think they can beat her, delusional, and why the hell don't women have more weight classes, it's retarded

  13. Dirt MIke says:

    she changes her diet and lays off the "vitamins", she'll drop that weight fast

  14. RC COOL says:


  15. ShizzTheKid says:

    Weight cut so hard she's crying in agony. She keeps this up her organs will be shot.

  16. MMACountry says:

    over 260K views in less than 4 days.

    Chris Cyborg has arrived.

  17. Three Hours says:

    Cyborg has fought in Muay Thai against one of the best, and unquestionably the best in her weight division and held her own to the end. We don't have to speak on her MMA career. The 145lb. division should be in the UFC as well as the 125lb. Also if there are women who are bigger they should also have their own division. How is this genius? SMH

  18. Cyborg is a cheater! If at some point she took PED's, the effects are permanent, meaning she's now out of women's range for the rest of her career.

  19. Rosalba Hill says:

    So the f..k what if she takes test she's a great fighter and puts her heart and soul in to this its not your body she can do what she wants she is bad ass leave her alone have respect

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