Cristiano Ronaldo is Illuminati


We have to distribute the phrase prior to it can be way too late! I know it can be really hard to believe but we should get motion now!

Who ought to i do subsequent, depart a remark below.

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Many thanks to Peladophobian for the inspiration!

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38 Responses

  1. Elmi Shehu says:

    wtf people does those video to take more views.Ronaldo is not with illuminati if yes why he donate children of Palestine………..

  2. Jorac Goeh says:

    Rashford, pls do Rashford

  3. this is a rlly funny joke lmao

  4. In a video ronaldo said I'm not Illuminati

  5. rafkwondo you are insane

  6. fuck u rafkwondo dont say this to ronaldo or u will go 2 jail modafuca

  7. this is bull sheet, Cristiano is just the best so please don´t ever say this man is part of illuminati. This man worked for this……..

  8. You are a funny guy. Loved it

  9. Pro GamerZ says:

    Lady gaga is actually in illuminati

  10. Roberto Olea says:

    maybe you should do your mom, you fucking cunt

  11. arshad khan says:

    fucka shut your mouth

  12. Carla Maria says:

    I'M DYING =))))))))))))))))))))

  13. hahaha this is funny shit.

  14. Why do people these days not realise that this is a ffing joke


  16. YD2004 says:

    u r so retarded

  17. Lw. 024 says:


  18. OUI ROI says:

    aretez de voir le mal partout

  19. Viani Fuamba says:

    Are you crazy man? what fuck do you want?

  20. CROW Rivera says:

    His not Illuminati . His just a Fucking Fag………

  21. Sushant Rai says:

    why don't you do yourself illuminati

  22. fcuk yu.mind yo fcukin business

  23. F leter for Fuck you ahahahahhahah and clean your fucking mouth to talk abut PORTUGAL you pice of shit

  24. What the hell Ronaldo is a christian

  25. Dramane Kane says:

    trop nul et insensée

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