“CURE FOR CANCER BEING SUPPRESSED” Family Guy Satanic Illuminati


The Illuminati love to hide the truth in plain sight! Look at this blatant example in a Family Guy Cartoon! This one about how they hide the cure for cancer to make …


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  1. FCB_Daniel says:

    Unfortunately it's probably trye

  2. Predicted programming. It's right under our eyes.

  3. The government has nothing to do with cancer drugs and or cancer treatment. It all has to do with the pharmaceutical companies. The whole thing with conspiracy theorists like yourself is that, a) all of your theories end up having a group of people worshipping Satan who isn't real, and b) at the end of the day they're littlerally all religiously based.
    I'm sure pharmaceutical companies have cures and or better medication for cancer, but that's not profitable. That has nothing to do with the government. It has to do with the capitalism. I'm sure if the government wanted to do something then you guys would all start screaming saying here comes the satanic government! Run!

  4. Fort_ Oink says:

    If you google this, there is actually a factual basis behind it

  5. poeter14 says:

    Just saying. It was reported way before this episode that a cure for cancer was made n was being kept from people

  6. Most fruit seeds are editable, they don't want you to know that.
    Some fruit seeds cure cancer, but they don't want you yo know that.

  7. Belle Singer says:

    They admit their wrongdoing through these cartoons why?!

  8. Brad 1980 says:

    family guy is pure filth and demonic. they reguarly mock God and christanity as well as denying the deity of Christ.

  9. funny thing how you use family guy to prove a point yet you called them satanic in one of your videos.

  10. Just because family guy says something doesn't mean it's true

  11. So what? You think doctors don't have families?
    If cancer is cured, a bunch of oncologists are gonna go hungry, as well as several medical workers and therapists
    It's like an ecosystem, if something gets off balance, the rest falls with it

  12. And if the government really did it, then stop uploading videos and get up to protest. Infiltrate the government and find proof of this instead of watching family guy

  13. I knew that there was a cure fore cancer. Since the government did create it.

  14. Check out Dr.Sebi he have the cure for every disease!

  15. Justo says:

    there's plenty of other medicine people aren't choosing to use – you all CHOOSE to go straight to the doctor instead of eating right, making healthy decisions and doing your own research. A wise person is diligent in all his endeavors and a fool is hasty to his demise.

  16. Rasputin says:

    For "Vigilant Christian", read –
    "Sad obsessional guy with a computer but no friends who finds solace and self-justification in ranting on the internet".
    Get out some more. Get a life. The delusions will go away if you get some fresh air and get laid. You'll be much happier for it.

  17. cuba found the cure for lung cancer already and has been available since 2011 we wouldve known this sooner if America didnt restrict cuba

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