D.O.A – World War 3


Artist : DOA Song : World War 3 Album : Something Better Change ( 1980)


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  1. Rich Forbus says:

    The old days… D.O.A – World War 3: http://youtu.be/twSREBowTwQ

  2. C J Parrott says:

    chuck biscuits = punk rock keith moon

  3. i'm new to this band. what does DOA stand for exactly?

  4. I do believe this was filmed at CHEK-6 studios in Victoria, BC.

  5. D.O.A -World War 3

  6. Sean Barr says:

    only local band could hold a candle to these guys was DEATH SENTENCE 'something gotta change" 1986 if I remmebr

  7. Sean Barr says:

    OOPs I meant     'NOT A PRETTY SIGHT'  !!! This album is for sure one of the BEST
    punk hardcore albums ever made anywhere and I am so proud it came from MY country which I think is the BEST fucking country in the fucking world except for all the garbage coming here since Trudeau fucked us in 72 with his multicultural program!! FUCK multicultural shitty LIES and fuck the parasitical scum from the 4 corners of thisplanet who do not know what it is to be CANADIAN! FUCK ALL OF YOU TO HELL!! especially you psycho pathic ARROGANT mohamedans!! DIE

  8. Lucy Potato says:

    he looks so young, love this!

  9. They were absolutely unstoppable in this era. Their constant touring across all of the US and Canada during the birth of punk's 2nd wave helped create an amazing network of bands and contacts across the continent that helped the scene grow to huge proportions. DOA's contribution to punk is invaluable.

  10. zakur0hako says:

    wow. didn't know that "pop punk" sound existed so far back in days

  11. 17SPIKE17 says:


  12. joey shithead sort of looks like the forgotten rebels singer in this video

  13. MR .Foog says:

    The originals before DAVE GREGG!

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