Daily Life In Fukushima: It Was Like Visiting Another Universe – Video


(Russia Today) Jan Beranek, who is with a team of Greenpeace activists investigating the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, says Japanese are encouraged to return to their normal lives unaware of the dangers they face in the contaminated area.

“I personally find it very disturbing, because on the one hand you see the Japanese authorities forcing people and society to get back to normal… And yet at the same time there are still extremely high levels of radiation and the contamination of the soil, and also potentially in the food,” the activist told RT. “This is just unbelievable because at those levels of exposure it certainly poses a risk to the lives and health of the people. If you draw a parallel to the Chernobyl disaster, then actually the Soviets decided to evacuate everyone living in the place, where radiation was three or four times lower than what we see in Fukushima City today,” added Beranek, who personally visited the Chernobyl area after the 1986 disaster.

Greenpeace is putting pressure on the Japanese government to gather and provide more information about the contamination in addition to doing its independent effort, Beranek said. “We’ve actually forced the government to, for example, extend the monitoring of the sea. And we also hear that the government is now revising at least some of the protective measures for children, which is definitely good to see. Yet the government is too slow and doing too little actually [compared to] what the situation would deserve,” he said. The activist hopes the consequences of the Fukushima disaster will make Japan and other nations change their stance on nuclear energy and phase it out. There is such change already in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. “Nuclear power, as we have seen, is inherently unsafe. There is always an unpredictable combination of natural catastrophe, technological failure, human error that can result in a situation when a reactor gets out of control very fast. It’s a question of a few hours before full meltdown happens. It’s unsafe to take the bets and continue with nuclear power,” Beranek believes.


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  1. Abaddon says:

    The speculation of all and sundry, especially “experts” of what should be done as regards nuclear energy is typical of EVERYTHING else. How can you look to those pontificating idiots for guidance on anyrthing. WE know that cancer is a world wide pandemic, along with many other diseases that are killing tens of millions of people earth wide every year. Drug trafficking is now a TRILLION dollar a year business and who wants to lose such a global market? Arms are the biggest business of all and to remain so it needs an unstable and hostile world to continue to be the biggest business on the planet. All this and more are taking place and we see those media pundits like a gaggle of geese making money and notoriety from their “expert” comments on tv, newspapers, radio. And what happens after all their pontificating? Absolutely NOTHING changes. The reality is EVERYTHING continues to get worse.
    People deserve what is coming to them as they continue to hold onto the lies and deceptions of those media pundits who are PART of the problem as they give false hopes and misinformatin to the gullible masses on behalf of their global masters. The nuclear catastrophy will make its own presence felt as time passes, this is a powerful enemy of life, and they have let the nuclear geni out its incarcerated cement bunker, onto this living planet big time. Like all other harmful matters that are taking place they all eventually come to the surface, as we see our socities torn apart by drugs, and war, and disease, nuclear radiation will show itself as the greatest threat of all.

    • maitry says:

      we the people keep our community tightly hearted, remember our actions will determine the outcome.

      it is sad that people are waking up to a staged misery, karma will get the better of these spin doctors.

      all these staged chaos has a purpose (we all know the zionist agenda) when things does get better (eventually) keep the all mighty in your heart stay genuine to your families, friends and community because nothing in this world is what it seems and always has been (keep an open mind and open heart).

      now the question is, who will decide the outcome of a liveable world:

      – you as an individual, go live a tranquil life in a cave, mountain or forest and become a

      – we the people, the actions of the people, a strong persistent massive community will rebel
      any bullshit.

      – government in general, the actions of our incompetent puppet government staging our
      lives entirely.

      – wait for miracles (the more we wait for him the more time given to the spin doctors).

      the last thing we need right now is martial law do not give in to violence if we plan on taking actions plan it out carefully.

      these words are true, and i will quote ” The World is what We make of it ” .

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