Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs – 2012 (Full Documentary)


“Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs – 2012 (Comprehensive Documentary)” explores previous and current sightings from all around the environment with surprising actual footage, much of it hardly ever just before observed, that will depart even the most skeptical viewers scratching their heads. Alongside with the fascinating assortment of amazing eyewitness videos, Aykroyd reveals his very own wide awareness of the strange and paranormal as he explores in detail his views on conspiracy theories, military techniques, and how UFO technologies is now aspect of our everyday lives.

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Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOriginalMaxGForce?element=watch


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  1. SKIES ABOVE says:

    Dan keeps Clearing His Throat. ..SIGNS OF DECEPTION!
    ..? ..you have to lOok -Listen between the linez. .
    why Dan Aykroyd talking about ufo's?
    ..could it be because That was his Job?
    yes, I believe ufo's exist, but to say that there's No Money for research. ..Come on now!
    black Budget
    trillions missing the day before 9/11…??

  2. Why would these ETs care if we blew ourselves up? If they let us develop, we could destroy other planets and species, right? If they didn't want more destruction, why not just let us kill ourselves? That idea has never seemed likely to me.

  3. 58landman says:

    I have always liked Dan Aykroyd and in this instance I am going to give the nod to his credence and you should too. Remember….he is Beldar Conehead

  4. Brucifer Guf says:

    Listen folks, if any bio-softies from some other planet/dimension ever did visit this tiny little 3rd rock from our Sun, and inhaled any of the microbe-filled, nasty, atmospheric soup, they would die quite soon, if not immediately. Inadequate immune systems would be the least of their many worries for successful interstellar travels and communications.

    Otherwise, the alien pioneers would have to be camped out here, on the down-low, for a very long time in some fashion, to adapt to good old mother Earth. If so far technically and socially advanced, why bother this curious little creature farm, way out yonder in the Milky Way galaxy?

    Up-close and face-to-face encounters from alien visitors would, or will, most likely be in the forms of purposeful robotics and scientific probes, much like we have been tinkering with progressively since the late 1950's. At this point, in our brief evolution, Earth is not a very hospitable or civilized place for us native creatures, let alone totally strange beings from the great beyond. We like to dream a lot and fantasize as a time-honored pastime.

  5. Dr Padrote says:

    Anyone caught the name of the other Nazi Orator Dan mentions ?

  6. LW97 says:

    He acts pretty normal for having tourettes

  7. "my fellow Americans!" – Jokes a straight faced Canadian

  8. dappergen says:

    dan akroid gives some mean head

  9. Dan Aykroyd is a clueless, irreversibly deranged attention whore as qualified to talk about aliens and UFOs as Cinderella is to command a nuclear submarine. Everything he knows about the subject is what he learned while starring in Ghostbusters, which he still thinks was based on real-life events.

  10. J boogieee3 says:

    1:05:40 can't listen to this dude talk. monotone like a motherfucker. —————-

  11. Randell John says:

    The Mexican multiple UFO footage shown at least a dozen times in this video has proven to be gas rigs flaming off in the Gulf of Mexico. The spacing of the bright light lights were superimposed on top of known locations of the gas rigs, but UFOlogists still insist on showing the original video which was shot by a military a/c overflying the area.

  12. Capone 3:16 says:

    Aliens are demons, you cannot leave the firmament. Space is a hoax, the moon is a transparent light that cannot be landed on

  13. DT wxrisk says:

    THIS is fucking delusional

  14. Michael says:

    If Dan Akroyd is so great, why does he help the Defense Department target their nuclear missiles more accurately? He also helps cover up the political assassination of John Belushi. Illuminati affiliation can be quite trying……

  15. Do the aliens have large talons?

  16. I honestly don't believe this is the real person who interviews Dan.

  17. In a newer ending space we're the only life? come on!

  18. This would have been cool without the stupid sound effects.

  19. Ron J. says:

    If Dan A. had completed whole sentences without using UHM it would have been a better show.

  20. I live by North Sea and stand on beach at night seen some very strange things that make you wonder


  22. Jade Wilkins says:

    dan aykroyd, go fuck yourself. you're fake as rest of the hollywood. just because you were in ghostbusters, you are not any kind of expert, all actors do is just speak lines from a script and get payed millions for doing that.

  23. Gary Youree says:

    BTW – when is the last time there has been any media coverage on a UFO. You would think now that everyone has a camera in their phone the sightings would be increasing. Does our controlled media no longer cover such stories or are there less sightings?

  24. Gary Youree says:

    Interesting perspective – using Dan Aykroyd to comment on the same information we have been exposed to. My own opinion is that any alien species that reaches the technology to reach us would have to retain some form of empathy, the root of our evolutionary intelligence, or they would have destroyed themselves – like we will if we continue to allow psychopaths to prey on humanity. Psychopaths are a dead end subspecies imo. Once the commodity of mankind is gone there is no reason to believe they will change and not continue to compete until there is one man standing.

  25. a customer says:

    The blunt skull speaks the truth. AKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK. May I have 55 words with you?

  26. Lee Wohlfert says:

    Okkay, you can complain about the video quality; but what about the content? Anyone got a thought (if you are, in fact, capable of such an evaluation.) If Aykroyd is misataken in his views, or a fake, I'd like to hear why you think so. And frankly, l;ve seen messier videos on YouTube.

  27. Samuel Boles says:

    I would like to add that I saw at 2405 in this film he talks about the NASA spacewalk that was being filmed I was watching it I just happened to be watching it randomly and this Giants space tether from the space arm broke away I believe that's what it was and and the cameraman focused and on the tether and what was going on around it and we begin to describe I think that he said it was debris but the shot went on for quite some time and it was very amazing I remember it

  28. Cato Priscus says:

    This documentary is laughable, and the guy at 26:56 is a grade A pathetic attention whore. No credentials or background are given. Only info they give is that he was in the air force for five years. Nothing about his position or rank. I'd bet that the guy was a cooks aid for five years. Probably retired as an E2 or something… And yet, he's talking with such authority, you'd think he was Nixons personal defense adviser. Also, that bit about elevating the readiness state from defcon 3 to defcon 4, pure fucking gold… Putting this moron on the documentary is like dumping a bucket of fresh warm diarrhea on an already huge steaming pile of shit…

  29. They are from the lower DIMMENSIONS ! They are the evil ones. Inter dimensional beings and crafts. The ones that can walk through walls, or just appear. It's true. Satanic rituals and child sacrifices, are TO in able them to have the fountain of youth. They also have stem cells transfusions, with stem cells from babies umbilical cords. So they stay young and stave off illness. That's how HILLARY went from really sick to a transformation of a reversal. She came back looking fit and younger. With no real sign of the illnesses she did have. Aliens have also shown the elites how to clone. Not as a baby to adult. But an adult. Don't forget #pizzagate and all the children that disappeared through out the years. LIKE Maddie Mc Cann, who went missing in Portugal ! These elites take children for sacrifice. We are in a dimension that is interesting to these beings. I do believe that there are good beings too. They are not all bad. And scare the crap out of you. If there are fallen Angels, there are good too. If there is a Devil there is god ! I just think thereare tones of things we don't know. There needs to be disclosure on everything to do with this subject.

  30. Dan is a disinformation shill

  31. would aliens really want to come down to earth when our leaders favorite pastime is tribal warfare

  32. lovemyscrapy says:

    i want more of this!

  33. lovemyscrapy says:

    if those flying saucers have looked the same since Mary Magdalen's painting, do you think they are frozen in time?

  34. reading through these comments makes me weep for our world. There are some absolutely close minded retarded people on this earth.

  35. BaD ScOrE says:

    Think someone been playing gta5

  36. ambahkid77 says:

    anytime a billy meir pic is used in anything to do with ufo's im reminded of how many ufo stories and pics are a hoax

  37. kevin smith says:

    Jesus Christ said, I am always with you.

  38. When Dan Aykroyd mentioned that we will never have a formal relationship with aliens after 9/11… He could actually have a point. Assuming aliens came to Earth, almost without a doubt they would be far more superior to us. This would become clear when we realize that they have found a method for accelerated space travel. Logically, we should assume that they would have set aside their differences to help advance their race as a whole. That's the one thing holding us Humans back; prejudice, and intolerance.

    Thus once they begin their analysis of Earth, they would likely take pity on us Humans, because of our violent nature, and our willingness to kill millions of our own species over poorly justified reasons. Accessing historic data from the past century would bring up massive atrocities committed by us humans like:
    North Korea
    World War I and World War II
    the Holocaust
    The crisis in Syria
    ISIS, Al Qaida and other terrorist Organizations
    School Shootings
    The Rwandan Genocides
    the Boston Marathon Bombings
    The Oklahoma City Bombings
    The KKK
    and a vast majority of other crimes.

    They may not attack, but rather move on. I would guess that they would leave a message telling us to "change our ways". Either that, or just kill all of us to help clean up the Galaxy.

    Just my 2 cents on the idea. Though I would assume people see me as a lunatic who where's a tinfoil hat, and lives in a concrete bunker. The answer to which i'm not, I just like to believe.

  39. Alien says:

    Make sense what will be our aeroplane in next 100 years

  40. Wagner Wain says:

    This ghost buster guy is an idiot. Some of his answers are so irrelevant, some so dumb. And I always knew he was an idiot, If you just observe his face closely it's not hard to see this.

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