Dance Moms JoJo Siwa’s 13th “80’s Dance” Birthday Party Arrivals


Subscribe! BROLL: Dance Moms’ Jojo Siwa, Jessalynn Siwa and friends arrive at JoJo’s 13th birthday celebration red carpet at the famed …


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  1. aldca boy! says:

    happy birthday jojo ? ?

  2. Amy Davis says:

    JoJo's birthday was on the same day as mine ?

  3. omg my name is on the back ground of the red carpet ?????????

  4. crabbo says:

    Happy birthday jojo???

  5. GPM DF says:

    Were the Bratayley's there¿

  6. Who else saw her party on brataley

  7. Nora Veselaj says:

    Her clothes are so ugly

  8. Bratayley brought me here

  9. joe carabini says:

    haha love her and her mom lol

  10. joe carabini says:

    omg i meant to say all the girls moms and them

  11. in background I heard diamonds

  12. Their outfits look so on fleak it look so cool and cute

  13. I saw JoJo's crush❤❤❤❤

  14. fea esrupida odiosa ni un brillo

  15. mdaisym 1234 says:

    she doesnt look 13 with all the tutu lmao

  16. I legit thought she was 11 or something lol

  17. Eboni Boston says:

    happy related birthday Jojo

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