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Russian missiles must penetrate any defenses — parliament

Moscow: Russia must quickly modernize its nuclear deterrent focusing on the deployment of ballistic missiles capable of penetrating the most sophisticated missile defenses, a draft supplementary statement to the new START treaty ratification document says.

The lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, posted on its official website on Friday the texts of two draft statements that would accompany the resolution on ratification of the treaty.

“The State Duma believes that maintaining Russia’s nuclear deterrent in an adequate state of readiness is a key venue of the country’s military doctrine, with the focus on the deployment of strategic offensive weapons that possess the most combat effectiveness and the highest potential to penetrate missile defenses,” says the statement dedicated to the upkeep of Russia’s nuclear deterrent and the development of new missile defenses.

“The combat effectiveness of Russia’s nuclear deterrent must be maintained at the level that guarantees the protection of the country from attacks carried out by any foreign state or a group of states in any military-strategic situation,” the 3.5-page document says.

The second supplementary statement outlines the State Duma’s position on the reduction and limitations of strategic offensive armaments. It is addressed to the United States, but also calls on other nuclear powers “to join the process of the reduction and limitation of nuclear weapons through a ban on their further development. ”

The new arms reduction treaty, replacing START 1, which expired in December 2009, was signed in Prague last April by President Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama. The document slashes the Russian and U.S. nuclear arsenals to a maximum of 1,550 nuclear warheads, down from the current ceiling of 2,200.

The U.S. Senate ratified the new arms deal with Russia on December 22, 2010, but added several amendments to the resolution on ratification, including a demand to build up U.S. global missile defenses.

The new agreement will come into force after ratification by both houses of the Russian parliament, the State Duma and the Federation Council.

The State Duma is expected to adopt the draft law in the third and final reading on January 25. The upper house could hold its ratification vote in its first session on January 26.

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    thats good to know so when the alien invasion starts the hole world will be ready just listen to RONALD REAGANS SPEECH AT UN about aliens pretty intresting alot of space shit happen it just that the media doent show it {control by d govrnmnt]

  2. Very cool article within 48 hours we should see the full scale of this according to nasa

    Michael S Walker http://www.niternat.com

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