Dank Meme Magic Reveals Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are Illuminati!


In this video we take on the task of proving the Illuminati is real as well as exposing and revealing the elite leaders of this secret organization. Also, we review …


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  1. Holy crap Jimmy, thats a lot of views xD I can't help but think how dissapointed conspiracy theorist's are going to be when they find out what this video is about.

  2. Zaim Toys says:

    Nice video plz sub my channel Zaim toys thank u

  3. rosimarchese says:

    Th up very cool like Hugs

  4. Was that Brendan Fraser lol haha he sure is passionate about his pastries lol ?

  5. CamCtvHD1 says:

    JimmyFungus Great video my friend liked subbed back : )

  6. Random Idiot says:

    I did not know that Donald Trump was crucified. Could he be the modern day Messiah?

  7. that coolaid in the desert was great! you are really great at editing.

  8. Well done; congrats!; Thumb up !!
    Greetings !!

  9. V2DHEART says:

    haha when kayne see's this video he's gonna go nuts and throw a bitch fit lol

  10. CyborGod TV says:

    I'm now 1:30 minutes into your video and I have just one word to describe it.. MASTER PIECE JIM.. missed your videos all these days…

  11. Great video friend=) Thumbs up from us and you hope you have an amazing week! =)

  12. UBH is on the scope to all my hip hop stans and fellow unicorns,we got what the game needs.

  13. Jid Lid says:

    Yep bang on the money, kanye west sacrificed his mum for fame.Great video James

  14. Nice video my friend ? ◕‿◕ ? Happy day

  15. cool video, I like!!!!! I propose a mutual subscription and likes!!!!

  16. MrRuminate says:

    yeah, kanye does think he is a god ….but there's no reason to curse at the hired help …I luv that shot of kim and kanya on the bike with yosemite in the background ;o)

  17. 7evenSoFuego says:

    I did one of the best covers EVER to this Travis Scott song

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