Dark theory. Ancient UFO and DNA knowledge , Alien Abduction DOCUMENTARY


http : //wolvoman80.co.uk/ THEORY Dark is a documentary series from WOLVOMAN80 , PART TWO is coming LATE 2015 / EARLY 2016 . DARK


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  1. Jay Mee says:

    takes toooooo long to get into it i like hearing cometry!

  2. If you want me to entertain "dark theory", do it in 10 minutes or less, otherwise I've got other shit way more interesting to think about.

  3. I prefer your docs to your ranting :)

  4. pamela a says:

    Wow. This was AMAZING. thank you so much!!!

  5. evolution cant be true in any dimensional reality

  6. Rob Heide says:

    plz stay at the non spiritual side plz

  7. JC Ishtruth says:

    You should slow the pictures a tad in first five minutes, it was a cool effect but those pictures were great. Nice job though!

  8. Good job freind… you do great work… we understand why it take you a while in between… bless you brother..

  9. im ready to watch more

  10. I love your documentary's very well put together!!! love your way of pointing out the truth cant wait for part 2 keep up the good work. thank you for taking the time to share your point of view on youtube.

  11. glad to see you back in action WOLVOMAN80

  12. I found extremely satanic messages in this song https://youtu.be/oBidOS-u630

  13. Your site is down and trying to relay KEY info on TREASON in the UK!
    Big shocker, I know, but this is country level! http://imgur.com/hQmLaIM

  14. Zhen EVD says:

    nice video good info subscribed

  15. How can I get the soundtrack?

  16. Wolvoman80, your vids are kick ass. Thanks for all your work.

  17. You are AMAZING, by far the best work and I love your voice.

  18. was a decent video until you started pressing the belief in evolution!

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