Dark Theory. Rothschild’s, Illuminati and the meaning of symbolism. WOLVOMAN80 Documentary


http://wolvoman80.co.uk/ Dark Theory episode 3. Written and music by Wolvoman80 A brief history of the beginning of the Rothschild family banking ventures as …


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  1. 349mikval says:

    Awesome research , But it is hard to hear you well because the music is to loud and the drums and sticks are over powering in some areas. But very good video other than that.

  2. SatanicLight says:

    LUCIFER IS NOT EVIL LIKE CHRISTIANS SAY! Please read http://www.theserpentskey.com

  3. Rick W says:

    Amazes me u have 26,000 subscribers and 100 views 2 hours after uploading! YT and Google 100% tampered with

  4. How come your viewer count isnt rising? i watch atleast 20x a day!

  5. mamabear says:

    MICKEY MOUSE upside-down and backwards is WICKEd WOnSE. I saw it this was in my kids tin lunch box. if you write it out and flip it over and upside-down you will see it too. I dont think it coinsidence.

  6. mamabear says:


  7. Rick W says:

    273 views??? Impossible! I love your videos!

  8. mamabear says:

    everyone's chanel is being messed with. I am seeing it on most chanels that I sub to too. it's so messed up. I barley got this video on my feed 5 hours after you posted. it seems like a lot of the people I sub to don't show up on my feed anymore I have to go and find it myself. it's a total scam. keep your head up this was a great video. could have been better with out the music though. serious people who are not believers will say it's fear mongering purely based on the music the reason why I say that is because I am around loads of them I did enjoy your video but the music did seem to take away the importance of it all. with nonbelievers and it is a struggle. just giving a bit of feed back. you are very good at what you do I enjoy your poetry very much. GOD BLESS

  9. son7sam says:

    ffs, get rid of that shit music!

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