DARPA: New Top Secret Weapons – Full Documentary


DARPA: New Top Secret Weapons – Full Documentary.


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  1. motion detected missel intercept….
    we aready have em…

  2. iron curtain is a joke

  3. ORION Project in the making at around 10:00 🙂 who know what I'm saying

  4. Daniel D says:

    It's a game changer… its a game changer….its a game changer…its a game changer…. its a game changer.. ;^)

  5. its like a prism tank in red alert.

  6. Bainsworth says:

    Darpa does crosswords

  7. DaMan725 says:

    So now we're trusting robots to protect soldiers? Ok, first of all: the enemy could steal it, second of all: what if an EMP goes off and the suit malfunctions and third of all: what if it malfunctions all by itself?

  8. Artemirr says:

    hmm… theres a better way to scan and track with heat range temps that scan, take min room. optical system can be minmized in the weather track location..

  9. Artemirr says:

    lol, a secret.. to disarm a weapon… lol… well i suppose its better then letting them redesign the payload system.

  10. Artemirr says:

    commerce 350 to 500k suits for shipping districts? lol

  11. Artemirr says:

    problem with the flier is that light from the screen coukd give position. adding spectral goggle that allows one to see the image through a filtered cover, sort of like u need goggles to see the screen and or a eye piece for visual navigation, so no sources of light are given off… imo… pretty simple play model…. hmm strange use of toys from the 80s.

  12. Artemirr says:

    much of this stuff i read in science books in the 90s… so nithing new infact all of it just seems not cutting edge, my mind visualizes many enhacements that can be added. jt was lkke when iwas at spandelheim, and my tour guy was teaching of theecryption and talking about how impentrable it was i immediatly talked about all the flaws and wholes in the design… funny how my mind works.

  13. Anayah says:

    The "Hidden Enemy" is a code word for "No Enemy". All this video does is show how the US wants and will continue to thirst for power until the world is forced beat it down and make it stay down. The NWO is banking on that.

  14. René Agerbo says:

    The "iron curtain' could be phased ultrasound. A laser can't react so fast though it is powerful enough.

  15. 1 simple solution is to put a deflection plate on the side of any car truck or tank this would stop any rpg or bullet simple and easy to make compounds like kevlar mixed with durilium

  16. dumb aim at the cencer or sniper the connector damage fail to easy better if u made a triangle doors bounce targets upwards .

  17. no ready why u don't know how to shoot it down?

  18. warm hand too bulky don't u guys remember the hand warmer packs we had as kids size of a salt/pepper package everyone used to use them why did they disappear..

  19. just go from 15:05 to 15:13 and u just say to your self why isent everything like this

  20. spezkay81 says:

    Hey I have a better idea. How about we just stop invading other fucking country's. Then no one will die and the government won't have to spend money on the war machine. We are all just a bunch of fucking monkeys.

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