Dave Chapelle breaks his Illuminati “Spell” Part 1


Dave Chapelle talks about the enjoyment industry to a team of aspiring actors. I have edited this 1 1/12 hour documentary down to twenty five minutes. This is total of information and facts. He clarifies why he remaining to Africa and why he purchased a farm in Ohio. Dave is like other superstars who have broken their Illuminati “spell.” Dave talks about breaking a “spell” and a lot more.


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  1. It's not about illuminati (does not exist to me), it's about people and what they are willing to do or what they have to do in order to achieve the aspiring ideals of the world today

  2. ben jamima says:

    They are clapping.. they have no idea what they are clapping about and they want to be in his shoes

  3. Shali Power says:

    Very smart man. AMAZING how people failed to realize this after he took to Africa.

  4. NeuronHuskie says:

    Calling someone crazy is dismissive.  So calling this illuminati is also dismissive. It's not some mythical mind control beast that you must break some spell to liberate yourself. The "illuminati" in most situations are just some form of media piggybacking on the success of celebrities and artists to make more $$$ for themselves. I DO believe most programming and pop culture has sinister intent and want to control the masses. They need a hierarchy to stay financially stable at the top. The media wants to portray celebrities as infallible, unique, and impossibly talented so it stunts an average persons ambitions and dreams in their tracks. "In the real world; these just people with ideas. They just like me and you when the smoke and camera disappear"

    "What's on the radio, propaganda, mind control
    And turnin' it on is like puttin' on a blindfold
    'Cuz when you bringin' the real you don't get rotation
    Unless you take over the station
    And yeah, I know it's part of they plans
    To make us think it's all about party and dancin'
    And yo it might sound good when you spittin' your rap
    But in reality, don't nobody live like that"

  5. Dave Chappelle when he was alive!!

  6. This is the real Dave Chappelle!!

  7. TheMaliJane says:

    and still they laugh and dont know shit, even if he hands it to them.

  8. Geez…1:56 – host laughs a little too hard….

  9. the illuminati runs the world, the jews run the entertainment industry.

  10. Valkonnen says:

    You guys are such dummies! It's called the entertainment business! I've been in it for over 30 years and can tell you that there is no big conspiracy. It's a lot of money dependent on the "Talent" with people in charge who have no creativity. They are about making money through their investments. Notice how the only people who freak out and get all thin skinned about it, are black people (Average I.Q. 85 =Slow Learner) and an ugly hick with no brain from god knows where. They make too much money for their level of talent and are guilty about it. This is a guy who hasn't come to terms with the fact that racism is real and will always be there. It's too much for his little mind to take and that's understandable. But for you idiots to try and make something you've never been apart of as a satanic cult, is typical of textbook ignorance; Take something you've never actually seen or been a part of, and try to twist it to suit your agenda. Never mind that it has no basis in fact, and all you would need to do is put on the glasses ("They Live" film reference) and see that you're so full of shit, your eyes are brown.

  11. Duath says:

    They control the Hollywood, but this is just a small.. project, part of something called MKultra.

  12. Now i know what the song hotel California is all about… ''You could check out, but you could never leave''

  13. Notice, he says "slave" and pauses. Indirect message.

  14. Gallzatron says:

    Jesus, where is the raw uncut footage of this? I fucking get it. Illuminati = bad. Please, let me listen to this great man speak without all of these interruptions.

  15. turtleup says:

    they=jews. research how jews really feel about you and understand theyre belief in financial control and slavery

  16. Lanza Harris says:


  17. Astro Tag1 says:

    Now that Trump is President. I'm starting to believe this illuminati shit.

  18. Man, every time the audience laughs I feel worse.

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