David Cameron’s Mad World War III Prophecy


Of course, there will be no war if we leave or stay, but if there was, it would certainly be more likely if we stay! Who do EU think you are kidding Mr Cameron?


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  1. JETJOOBOY says:

    Curling out Youturd after Youturd!

  2. JETJOOBOY says:

    Cameron and Co. have U Turned on every single maniphesto promise since (and during) the last election..

    For "Youturd", check out todays Johnathon Pie video on Youtube!

    I think you will find it amusing…

  3. JETJOOBOY says:

    I know, it's all dicked, but we just really need to decide on which form of Proportional Representation best works for all and get the heck out of the EU..
    Did you watch the Jonathan Pie latest?

  4. Rasputin says:

    Good video.
    Cameron is a political transvestite. He wants to be seen as a tough macho defender of our sovereignty. In reality he will dress in a frilly frock and suck any European c*ck that's stuck in his mouth.

  5. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/122770 Go here to see the top law officer in the country's letter proving that all EU treaties are illegal.The establishment control must be huge so that even vote leavers dare not tell you this. Luckily the control was so effective that even the Parliamentary petitions committee did not realise it's significance. If you want out of the EU don't rely on the Lisbon treaty which Cameron has said he will use to get us out.This is the same treaty he rubbished when in opposition. Because the silence imposed by the Establishment is so complete it will need individuals like you to understand, explain and promote it.

  6. Jimmy Myers says:

    This is the Scumbag who Lost or Sold Three Nuclear Bombs !!!! Let's trust him !!!

  7. larry tate says:

    Stay u idiots. Usa

  8. David Cameron is such a scaremongering prick, I switch off when he starts talking about the referendum because he's full of shit.

  9. Orange Tack says:

    Great video. I'd agree with everything, except…
    Sanctions should be imposed on Russia. You have to show Putin where the line is, or he won't stop. 'The forty-eight hours after the march into the Rhineland were the most nerve-racking of my life. If the French had then marched into the Rhineland we would have had to withdraw in disgrace' -Adolf Hitler.
    While I'll not saying Putin is anywhere near as bad as Hitler, it is necessary to step up so that he knows to go no further. Otherwise, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, what next?

  10. Far left? I'm sure you meant far right …

  11. Worlds richest country that's a joke,Britain has a massive deficit they can't seem to sort. Cameron stated when he was elected in 2010 they would have the deficit solved in five years. Didn't happen. Is Britain the richest country for those made to suffer due to austerity.

  12. I still don't care. I'm voting leave

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