David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 2/2)


Conspiracy theorist David Icke takes us to a local satanic execution site and discusses the plot of the secret lizard illuminati. We traveled to the Isle of Wight to …


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  1. Alex Taylor says:

    The reptillian brain (r complex), beings without compassion.

  2. ZombieMommy says:

    He is funny. Nothing new about Empire, greed, obfuscation, power. Nobody owns a monopoly on it. All over the world and all through history we human hairless primates have proven we can keep each other down. Don't need any weird, sci-fi conspiracy to prove it. Corruption is an easy thing when you have the money, time, followers and inclination.

  3. Icke is dead on about the blood drinking and the satanists becoming crazy over it. There is power in the blood, both figuratively and literally. In the Philippines they kill dogs for their meat. Its a well known fact there that if you boil the dog in hot oil while its alive the meat will taste better (according to them) because the dogs feelings of pure fear and terror makes its body release adrenaline into its blood that then pump into the fat and muscles, making them more flavorful. So just imagine these same chemicals being released into the blood of a sacrifice victim which is then immediately drank by the satanists, coupled with the demonic presence they conjure up… I'd imagine it would drive someone a bit cray cray. The sick and sad thing is that they love it. They live for it. They feed off of it. 

  4. David Icke only talks about problems but no solutions to the problems, Illumnati are not the "shadow elite", true Illuminati are a fraction that wants to help all of us to get further in our evolution…. there is a difference between "Hollywood" Illumnati and "real" Illuminati….

    Reptilian Agenda = "shadow elite" propaganda…. to distract us from the truth…… reptilians do not controll the earth… its wicked old man that controlls the world and plays cards on us…..

  5. Dominic Bobb says:

    Regardless of whether or not David Icke's views are nonsense, not a lot of evidence – of which he claims to have thousands of pages worth – was presented in this two-part documentary. The video should have been entitled "David Icke's Tour of the Isle of Wight" or something.

  6. Ali Moe says:

    this guy is telling the truth about everything I swear to God while this is f**** amazing like and I'm not some conspiracy theory not like but it's so true the Rothschilds who run the world!!!!!!!!and they monitor everything your you have no privacy your text messages your your Facebook page is your Twitter account everything is monitored even they can activate the camera on your phone and see what are you doing at that specific moment in time or privacy is shot it's done people need to wake up! Wake the f****!

  7. ddub edaw says:

    Even with all his genius and all the verifiable science and colleagues backing him, to this day, if Isaac Newton had claimed to be the risen Jesus, I would still be like "hmmm…Idk he says that gravity is a law of nature, but he did claim to be Jesus. Maybe gravity is bullshit." Not a great way to start.

  8. 4:38 Dr. Who is at the bottom of the hierarchy?!

  9. Centipede says:

    dude this is no joke just look up Pizzagate. Satanic Paedophiles do run our government.

  10. Idk what the fuck he's talking about

  11. Seven Tian says:

    pizzagate, spirit cooking, Madeiline McCann's Coloboma eye, same symptoms as Soros.

  12. and i love his job!!!

  13. The biggest mystery of all : how does the journalist manage to stay so serious ??

  14. Jonathan says:

    I wonder if he'll decline the OBE, but likely the queen will, wish him well and give him a quick "shapechange" for old times sake. :.)

  15. 04:55 this is exactly what's happening right now with the FAKE NEWS meme that the mainstream media, Google and Facebook is pushing.

  16. I should be studying but instead I'm watching this

  17. KrustyKrab says:

    yoo this mans hand thoo lool tells u this mans bin holdin that mouse for ages

  18. lol, it's obvious that man is BIPOLAR… His only two talents are his language skills(rethorica) and his mental illness. I'm glad a disabled person like David Icke can get a descent job and occupy his life. But Icke is just as nuts as L. Ron Hubbard(the founder of SCIENTOLOGY). So people be glad this disabled person has got a good living, BUT LET US HOPE that his ideas of "lizzard people" won't "BIPOLARIZE" the societies, people start cutting each other open to prove the other one is a lizzard :s just because they thought this mentally ill man is right. 🙂
    thank you vice but you could've been just a little more "offensive" or journalistic or just point out that he HASN'T "predicted everything'.. xD

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