David Icke – Donald Trump JANUARY 2017



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  1. I can't hear it please run again

  2. K L says:

    David, what is your take on Bernie Sanders? he seems like the real deal to me.

  3. marie france says:

    The Trump"ets can and is amazing – his challenge is very much NOT TO BE SILENCED -same challenges for the rest of many – here in Canada some newly appointed members of our govt. have infiltrated to SHUT US down – It is happening on all levels if we do not submit to the killing machine now mowing through many countries * We can FEEL the invading species taking over – the gentle ones –

  4. Linda Pow says:

    The People Together 2017

  5. Oliver Babajko1 second agoIf you like what he says, which I do. but don't care for his reptile belief. May I suggest J. Krishnamurti. Who has been speaking similar philosophy but real, since early 20th century. There's no doubt he has read Krishnamurti. He is clever enough to manipulate this man's philosophy. You can read J. Krishnamurti too, without all the theater.

  6. I like your videos. However I disagree with this one. Let's be mindful of the fact that Donald Trump ran against other republicans and still won. He was hammered, his flaws laid out in front of all of us, really and still STILL Mr. Trump won. Trump was the overswing of the pendulum from the damage of the left. He was extreme nut what was necessary to begin the course of change through this paradigm shift. Trump is a phenomenon and he is something we have never seen and I gather we will never see again at least not in this lifetime. Brexit was necessary, Trump was necessary. Any other Republican would have lost. Religion is a turn off for far more Republicans than the last 8 years. They said he was a Christian but he is not religious. Any independant would have lost. Trump's language, egotistical and bombastic attitude is what we wanted more than politicians. We wanted "humanness" and it is what got him elected. He was smart enough to run as a Republican and not an independent.

  7. joan varley says:

    A wonderful person, is David Icke, listen to ALL his stuff. He makes a lot of sense!! Read his books too. Highly, highly recommended.

  8. Fuck you Icke. We know who and what you are!

  9. The people are awake and the people are the true power of the world.

  10. tony eaton says:

    email me at [email protected] for a free book exposing this corrupt system

  11. Karen -Mac says:

    David, Check out Jared Kushner…please.

  12. This and other videos are propaganda to scare people into agreeing to the military spending billions for [our defense] Are you worried the Russians and China are going to attack us? good, you just caved in to the elite's propaganda to enslave you and pick your pocket. Chinese , Russians, Arabs, Koreans are our brothers and sisters, they are fed the same propaganda to hate us. Unite agains the elite, and that includes the military industrial complex.

  13. The sound on this video is totally destorted

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