David Icke – ? It is the World War inevitable ?


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  1. powerful stuff at the end.

  2. just look at the world. it´s beeing divided. denmark have russian atom bombs installed. and an alliance whit germany,sweden,russia,polen,finland. they published it last year. russian airforce patrolling in coorparation whit that alliance. At the same time they said that france,england,usa have a deal together. they told the public that ( NEWS ) it was to bring stability to the world.
    Denmark is already violating human rights, democrati is fading away also whit the new law they introduced

  3. yesterday. people in denmark are generly afraid to have children, because the goverment is braking all laws and all human and children rights by randomly taking kids from people and in many cases sending the children out of denmark. its not a lie and everyone can find the facts on the internet and denmark. even when denmark has lost a case in humanrights court they don´t always repley to it. the media is controlled by the goverment in denmark. if you look hard enough you will find out its true!

  4. tirtunemdouq says:

    …and yet nobody can answer questions like: what should we do? what is to be done? how to unite? how to act? and finally…how to put an end to all of this???

  5. This is so moving. Celente really hammered it home.

  6. BestDonovan says:

    The problem with revolution is that someone still must lead it, i wonder if i rule the world could i keep 7 billion people happy?

  7. steveybee1 says:

    Right on brother. I will be the one smiling on the other side.

  8. They Will Do The Same Way With Iran !!!!! It's Already Planned ! Just one mans opinion. USAF Vet. RTS

  9. TheEXpothead says:

    Don't fight in the wars, and just take out the elite or things will just keep going on forever. They create a chaos and then you have to chose a solution which they already have available since before the war would even happen, that they offer to you. A form of control which only gets worst and limits our freedom more and more they more we give into their will.
    Just remove them, it's that simple. If we all just decide to do it, it will work and we can shape the future we want full of love!

  10. What bugs me more is.. when they describe who is leading who to war… it's not the UK or AMERICA.. it's just their governments not the people I have zero involvement in all this so when the shit hit's the fan I will suffer because of my government it pisses me right off I warn Obama now if you go ahead with this "You will regret it" !!

  11. IT's not just sense !!! it's fucking truth too many people are blind too many people are ignorant to the true reality let's stop this madness !! we are amidst a great time of concern spread the word !!!! we need to unite now or we are doomed

  12. all we have to do is stop paying taxes if we stop paying taxes we stop funding war the government will notice panic and the media will start airing it on the "lie box" we know as TV … we can still change this we just need to fucking get out there and do something about it !!

  13. Ruling the world is not a lone man task.

    If I ruled the world, some days I would want a day off or two.

  14. Bree Craw says:

    Stop buying from big corporations. Stop updating your electronics. Stop enlisting. Get off Facebook. If no one is feeding the power, the power become powerless. Demand what you truly want them to supply us rather than want they have manipulated you into thinking what you need. If they want to go to war, the elite and their children can go.

  15. Brother, I hope your attitude has changed in the past year. We are living in an absolutely incredible time; more people are waking up spiritually and to the agenda than ever before. I'm even witnessing people around me, who I previously thought of as "lost causes", waking up. "It's not going to change anything" – this is exactly the response they want us to have. You have no idea how incredibly powerful you are: We are all agents of change, and things are looking hopeful. Things ARE changing!

  16. If America didn't exist, the world would be a better place, I'm referring to the Elite blood line, who are controlled by Satan, and yet again, people don't care about Jesus, well start praying, because the world Babylon will burn like hell.

  17. En zo ook  WO4 … WO5 …….. als je maar lang genoeg de toekomst in zou kunnen kijken.

  18. minerjoe90 says:

    I'm with you guys all the way. when do WE start.

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