David Icke:The World War 3 & New World Order | The Rothschild Zionist Agenda


David Icke : 3 World War & the New World Order conspiracy | The conspiracy documentary Rothschild Zionist Agenda This is incredible Conspiracy documentry …


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  1. qs10101 says:

    Obama is an even worse terrorists then Osama. Is Osama bin laden even real? Or was he someone the US made up so they could search the middle East and destroy everything 

  2. Luke There says:

    good video minus those fucking shitty hip hop songs fuck me what a talent for singing

  3. Adam Mangler says:

    Just thought I'd dodge in here to cheer myself up. This kind of La-La is Sooo funny!
    Icke is looking a but fatter these days…
    Thanks for posting!

  4. How can you take a man who claims to be Jesus himself sent back from God seriously. He later confessed to being confused later after the Jesus confession and then renounced the claim. Only the foolish & deluded will take in what this man has to say.

  5. someguy403 says:

    This is all true, the evidence is everywhere, but you will never find it on TV or radio because they control the media.. How long before they also control what you watch on the internet and there will be no evidence to spread the word.. We need to do this soon! The Rothsdale and Rockerfeller families are at the centre of it

  6. Zip Zenac says:

    Zionists are the greatest evil. Chaney and Rumsfeld are teh greatest of American criminals ever. Bush was a weak lackey.

  7. no need to say bloody every other word is there? try saying fuck a bit more to break up the monotony

  8. this planet is possessed and has been for a long time.

  9. Good drinking game drink always when he says bloody

  10. what is the truth about the holocaust? is this a case where the victors wrote the history and told the truth?

  11. Anna Tetro says:

    Ok, so Israel and Arab world destroy each other. Meaning NO Israel. All those helping this, will be ended. They are against both. Got it. I knew that but more comments mean more chance Israelis will get it too.

  12. Anna Tetro says:

    I asked Harper to close our embassy in Iran. Within a month, they caused an issue and did and so did the UK I think. Then the UK has now reopened it. The US says, why hasn't Canada? I just checked, I couldn't see if we have yet. Only insults that we are silent on Iran issues. Harper also said that the West is to blame for Syria today, arming rebels and training them. He brings a lot of truths, where few do. He's strong and I do believe a zionist but for some reason, Canada has to come out shining. And we are. We get backlash, Pentagon puts out a bad report, Iraqis firing at us as if we are the enemy fighting with ISIS. But we will not surrender or do war. Wait, there's another option? The Elite doesn't know much and the snakes know too much.

  13. Scot Cross says:

    Whoa, stumbled across this crap video with a bunch of war clips and some guy who spews out a lot of accusations but he posts no facts.

  14. there is so much eveil in this world even people poisening my little zuey cute little dogy  fran cer milln mom

  15. Grey Shake says:

    get healthy and wealthy

  16. Grey Shake says:

    war against humanity plain and simple…If you are human you are at war

  17. Yes we have 2 take power from this U.K Rothschild Zionists Now…BBC royal backing fuck"s that after they go to the posh school get job's if you can call it A job in seat's of power or on the BBC telling the bullshit,.,best thing is about 90% take bullshit in has the truth on the. T,v royal family banking rapeing killing kid's scum that we are not ment to mention to say about them make me sick.,.we have to get power from this scum…

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