WWW.TRUNEWS.COM Special Guest : David Limbaugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1BZzjziMxs Rick reiterates today his belief firmly believe that the First World War …


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  1. Russia and China are going to join together and dominate the European Union.. then the rest of the West.. communism will spread.. Russia will be God's instrument to punish the world.. God's "instrument of chastisement"..

  2. Glide Bike says:

    That Russian pilot is a hero, he died fighting terrorism.

  3. Amen Bro Limbaugh…the separation from the Father…we will never ever grasp the full extent of what Jesus gave up for our salvation it is mind blowing. Amen So great a Love Amen

  4. I don't hoist flags.. I wear crucifixes..

  5. russia is also a nato nation, don't make too much of this guys.

  6. I want to thank you Rick Wiles , and all of your guest for getting the true news out . I also want to know if you know of a man named Jonathan Kleck , you should take a look on his youtube channel , I think you will find him very informant , God Bless you all !!!

  7. Remember to dip your ammo in pigs blood to make sure they will be Hell bound

  8. WWIII is going to be in our country! pray and prepare

  9. Glenn Hall says:

    Absolutely insightful and right on the money. The LORD bless and keep you and give you wisdom in these coming days.

  10. alex y. says:

    Nero is not gonna defined turky god luck turky you are fucked

  11. alex y. says:

    Nero is not gonna defined turky god luck turky you are fucked

  12. alex y. says:

    His yoking abawt turky

  13. alex y. says:

    Article 4 do not men shit

  14. To complicate this, the area that the Russian plane flew over was taken from Syria by Turkey in, I believe, 1939. Syria has never recognised Turkey's right to the land.

  15. Duncan Bates says:

    since when does the hijacked centralized government do what is "legal" or lawful unless it serves their masters agenda.

  16. May the Blood of JESUS cover us all in these coming days and months. LORD JESUS have mercy on us all. It seems to me that there is yet another convergence of things to come. on one hand lame stream media is fueling a race war. We have a very insane bunch in the White House that's looking to cause this world war. Meanwhile we in america will be fighting among ourselves because of all the division that has been pushed upon us. Then our enemies will attack. Keep your eyes on JESUS people. let's not give the devil a foothold. GOD does not see color. HE Loves us dearly. He hates our sin. And this nation sin has reached Heaven.

  17. marhlfld1 says:

    I'm not sure if it was Rick or one of his guests who said everyone thinks Russia would start WWIII, but that's not true, we should be watching Turkey instigating it. Bingo! I can't remember who said it, but I kept it stored in my memory banks that it was said…

  18. Tamila Logan says:

    Sloow down. Talking waay too fast for my old lady ears. Thanks rick for the recap in a slower speech. 🙂 God bless you guys!!

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