David Wilcock: The Synchronicity Key | Pt. 1 of the Full Video!


Sign up for David’s Ascension Updates @ http://dwilcock.com In Part 1 of his epic YouTube comeback video, NYT best-selling author and TV host David Wilcock …


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  1. is there I part 2 Please help thank you.

  2. I believe the Hopi Indians spoke of the eagles

  3. jan jansen says:

    Lately im experiencing a lot of synchronicity. I read, watch or think about a certain subject and minutes or hours later i See it somewhere Else unexpected. I have Been doing mindful meditation for a while now. I think thats the reason im experiencing This more often now.

  4. Mark says:

    We're is part 2.

  5. Elswer says:

    Sorry guys, but David Wilcock is a mere fanboy with a childs imagination. Dont contaminate yourself with his extravagant, foolish, borrowed ideas.

  6. LUA D'AMOR says:

    Great channel
    Great points presented
    Thank you

  7. LPhase9 says:

    this is it xD, i was right

  8. nibus9 says:

    Perception of existence is an Illusion

  9. Jack Rainbow says:

    is david stoned? just looks like he might be, or he's just real happy go lucky- joyful/high on life. looks a little goofy tho, like when you've smoked half a j or bong hit and are feelin real good about the 'terribly deep and interesting' conversation and thoughts/ideas you are having with your buddy or just yourself, except he's got the balls not to be totally paranoid and can just flow stoner chat in front of a crowd, that is assuming he is a little stoned/high, and if so is totally comfortable and happy with it, zero fucks given! not a bad thing, just a minor observation, anyone else seeing that?

  10. Luke says:

    Finally now i figured out who you sound like…. Owen Wilson haha. Also great work as always

  11. eee… flat earth?
    did you miss that?

  12. Karen Katz says:

    God, is the master of all universes and creator of all things – if there are other beings they are the beings that were thrown down to the earth and into the outer darkness for apposing the almighty because they are Evil and do not have anything but evil in mind for the HOLY fathers creation, in the bible it says anyone who takes away from the word to cause his people to go astray will be in danger of Gods wrath, the call is the option that God gives you to except him as the Holy one and only GOD, Jesus died for us to atone our sins because God loved us to the point of he would do what ever it took to redeem us -his love is beyond anything you can comprehend until Jesus reveals himself to you, you will continue to believe a lie . Your hope for ascension comes through the Holy Spirit and power of God simply you will be turned incorruptible which means we will not die, finish reading the bible its all there but until God reveals himself to you and opens your eyes you will continue to believe a lie.

  13. Kinda disappointed. This is good study poor experience. He has no idea what this is.

  14. iKaryn says:

    Very cool to hear David Wilcock speaking about this! This book dropped off the librarians trolley at my feet today when I went into the library to use the bathroom. I opened it on a page that blew my mind with synchronicities. Reluctantly I put the book back because I didn't have a library card and I had a meeting but he person I was meeting cancelled so I went back and read it… all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to buy this like STAT! OMG WE ALL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. race b says:

    where is part 2??

  16. Grim Reader says:

    Now the formula for a movie is a woman with a gun and a man up a tree.

  17. Shawn Race says:

    I am very grateful to you?

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