Off the King of Oakland Album, Available on i-Tunes, click here to purchase the album now: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tha-king-of-oakland/id443825640.


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  1. Db keep doing ur shit , Db is the new tupac

  2. Jay hayden says:

    Fuck if yu black fuck if yu white fuck if yu green Every man created equal aint no fuckin in between…

  3. Jay hayden says:

    Youu forgot there was a parade when Kennedy got smacked

  4. fuck them muthafuckers.

  5. karim bamba says:

    i loved that movie but the song is touching

  6. richie rich says:

    whats the song in the back round called

  7. real talk. db on some real shit.. fuck tha industry

  8. Oscar Vides says:

    What the name of that movie? 

  9. This is serious right here.

  10. Whats that movie called

  11. Cali Greenz says:

    This should AT LEAST, have over a million views. Stop slackin' on a real one!

  12. My cousin goes hard on this video 

  13. Bgang 1 says:

    db gas but u need to stop saying the same words and repeating words on songs

  14. I nock that bitch ass nikka out. Swear to god.

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