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  1. Valandelle says:

    I love this lightbox! I saw another review of it and I had been really wanting to upgrade, so yus. It has the ability to shine though really thick watercolor papers and ahhhh! <3
    Lovely finished piece btw! :D

  2. Ashley ZD says:

    It would be great to see more drawings/ paintings like this in the future love it

  3. May your Magick find a root and blossom in joy..

  4. Dbmier Club says:

    Wow, thank you so much dear Sara, you are super amazing! Keep up, have more fun!

  5. Geann Gamboa says:

    I really enjoy these reviews/drawings!! It helps a lot not only to me for sure!

  6. The flowers are so beautiful ? a flower watercolour tutorial would be so great ?

  7. Milistra says:

    um why'd you buy a lightbox if you can easily build one yourself?

    edit: But great video :D

  8. Heavny says:

    I looooove the drawing

  9. i really loved the art you did !

  10. I'd love to see the drawings of the scary Vikings dudes :)

  11. Sierra Mist says:

    im tempted to get this. Also i would love to see you draw different kinds of people! Not that i dont love your art but you have the same-face syndrome and it'd be cool to see your take on men or something. ❤

  12. Chloe J Art says:

    Can you please do a video on how you paint hair? I really like how you make your hair look so realistic but still making it look like your style

  13. I really loved this piece!

  14. ArrowHeart says:


  15. I need me a lightbox like thiiis! Also the painting is heavenly +3+! ALSO!! I would love to see more intimidating viking guys wink wonk :^)

  16. Krono says:

    Yes i would love to see more intimidating viking men~<3

  17. just ordered the A4S , im so excited 🙂 been on the hunt for a decent thin lightbox, thanks for the review!

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