DCW World War 3 ’13 (Pre-Show)



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  1. Amazing pre-show seeing Henry kick Huncios ass pretty much was awesome lol. Rock and Booker was good match. Nice work

  2. amazing song yo so catchy

  3. gar55rocks1 says:

    I started kind of watching your videos at World War 3 last year

  4. GabeXWE says:

    My favorite song. Your a Fozzy fan as well?

  5. wwedawgs says:

    great pre show cant wait till WW3 and yes fozz is chis jerichos band! lol

  6. I sure am have like 3 of their albums

  7. lildheffner says:

    This was great
    Could you inbox me because I have ideas that I want to address to you (not wasting time)

  8. I know right their a great band love listening to them

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