Dead Space – Let’s Play – Part 9 – [Dead On Arrival] – “Aboard The Valor”


“ABOARD THE VALOR” Dead Space Let’s Play – Part 9 With Commentary PC Gameplay 1080p 60 FPS Social Media: • Facebook: /DanQ8000 • Twitter: …


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  1. Adi PL says:

    Yeah thx dan !

  2. Hai there Noice video love dead space such a classic :D

  3. Dan titan fall 2 beta came out are you going to play it later on

  4. 800Frozone says:

    They are called Twitchers. The super fast necromorphs.

  5. Such good graphics for a classic old but all sou great game

  6. JPriller 23 says:

    When do u get the ultimate suit that's white

  7. One of a Kyne? Oh god…. You're forgiven Dan XD

  8. iceman8504 says:

    The military suit is the final suit I think you missed the schematic in the valor I maybe wrong it could be somewhere else in another level

  9. Oh Senpai says:

    WOOOOHOOOO! FINALLY, I've been looking so forward, thank you Dan! xD

  10. is it ever worth getting reload for guns?

  11. Longest 4 days of my life Dan! lol

  12. raul muniz says:

    great videos homie you are my daily source of entertainment I like to watch your videos especially the star wars games I love stars wars so it's always great to see those classic games

  13. Natasha Lee says:

    i just completed dead space 3 took me a while but i got there. did u play dead space 3 dan?

  14. Dan's like "we got 8 FUCKING nodes." and then 5 seconds later "oh look a bench"… i'm at home like LOL :)

  15. epic mexican says:

    Will you be doing dead space 2?

  16. TrillxBb says:

    1st dislike ?

  17. 0:30 Isaac yelled and stomp because they canceled his first Netflix channel

  18. Dan you fucked up at 38:02 you didnt need to waste a node on a blank spot

  19. Shawn Reed says:

    i look up the suits there are 5 then when you play game+ you get the 6th one

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