Death by a Thousand Cuts: China and Russia’s Combined Plot to Attack America


Putin’s Kidnapping and Re-Emergence with a War-Like Attitude

When Putin disappeared for 10 days, he was not answering to the Russian oligarchs. The bankers were obviously pushing Putin to be more aggressive.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Why? Because the banksters from Basel (i.e. the Bank of International Settlements. Since Putin disappeared for nearly two weeks in March of 2015, he has come out swinging for the fences and the world is on a collision course for World War III.

The China Factor

In the past two articles, I detailed how China’s aggressiveness in the South China Sea is tied directly to a Chinese assault upon the US economy, through inhibiting trade with nations associated with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Further, through the construction of militarized artificial Islands in the South China Sea, Taiwan’s ouimport/export financial health is imperiled as well. Taiwan represents about 7% of America’s GDP with regard to total trade volume. As was documented in the previous article, China’s intended disruption of US trade, through the TPP, could impact total US trade by as much as 40%. In short, China is engaged in a total economic attack upon the United States.

Russia and China Are Employing Simultaneously Imposed Attacks Against American Hegemony

Briefly, and as previously discussed, World War II will be fought over the dominance/decline of the Petrodollar. For over three years, the forces at the Federal Reserve have tried to devise a justifiable means to invade Syria and Iran because they were non-participants in the Petrodollar scheme whereby nations had to first purchase a federal reserve note prior buying oil. Both Iraq and Libya were topped by US led coalition forces to maintain the Petrodollar. There was a time in the world when forsaking the Federal Reserve Board’s Petrodollar dominance, meant that countries got invaded and the leaders of these countries were killed. With the emergence of the BRICS, the worm has dramatically turned.

The following is a brief recounting of how Russia has checkmated the United States and as a result, the dollar is on life support.

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  1. DocNo says:

    So, China is the villain because they developed a strong economy; because they do things their ways and choses not to use the petro-dollar? US government (not the people) surrounded China and Russia with military bases monitoring their every moves with spy planes, and that’s by who’s law? South China Sea belongs to China, just because US government has bribed Asian countries like Philippine, South Korea, Taiwan Vietnam and Japan they think they own them and hijacks their Sovereign Rights.
    Meanwhile, they takes order from the global banksters who desperately put one world order in place and desperately depopulate as fast as they can by means of biological, chemical, HAARP, EMP and Wars. Clinton, Bush and Obama are of Rothschild’s bloodline off springs.. Red Shield 666

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