DECEMBER 2016 War is Coming WORLD WAR 3!GET READY!!!

Pakalert November 26, 2016 1


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  1. Ty Clark November 30, 2016 at 5:05 am - Reply

    Oh myyyyyyyyyy, the Congressional members are once againnnnnn surprised an out foxed by their leader of the free world you know the weak n pussified USof A. They signed off on the secret Iran nuclear deal but now cry foul by Obama again. You weak loosers have let all this to happen n you did Nothing. He organized n committed High Treason by releasing the top 5 terrorists n you did Nothing. He allowed an gave a stand down order muffled to this day in Bengazili n you did Nothing. He's destroyed an pussified our armed forces n you did Nothing. He kill 4 Americans that night, remember Congressional Members, but what difference does it does it make n you did Nothing. He planned n had carried out to send 19 SF n SOF to their deaths n shot down using a NG hello an no SF attack craft as military ROEs call for n you did Nothing. Any military members know that was bs from the start n you did Nothing. He's destroyed our country our communities an our family n friends n you've done Nothing. He's more than doubled our debt n allowed weapons sells to his JV Team an you've done Nothing. I could go on n on, but what difference would it make, as you'll Never Do Nothing,,, We the People, We the American People are coming,,, Expect Us as we are All Tired of those whom have done NOTHING. Ty Clark

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