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Roundtable discussion with Jay Campbell, Gerald Clark, Mathew LaCroix & Myself. We dive into a plethora of questions and answers that members of …


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  1. Jon Nidaros says:

    Highly interesting interview, although I want I have some quick comments and suggestion for future topic, I hope you'll consider or might getInto.
    You mentioned the Mayan's and destruction of ancient cultures a butin here, it's interesting to note that the destroying and subjugation of the different cultures in Europe before the colonization and conquistadors – that of the Gaelic(Celtic) and Germanic(Saxons, Vikings) these cultures meeting with the Roman Empire and later the Vatican has many parallels with the wars and conflicts these other tribal cultures in Africa and America would fight with the later empires and expansionist kingdoms of Europe. I don't see many except avery few, in alternative community really looking into this.
    Although it's a very crucial element to understanding our current timeline and the deeper roots of our Western culture. The old conflict of the Northern European tribes' struggles with the empire of Rome is allegorized very clearly in the Skyrim game for example. Also the weekdays in English are named up after the old Norse deities, Tys, Woden(Odin), Thor andFrey.
    And you mentioned pyramids, where if you look up the pyramids of Faero Islands, I think that'd be of interest.Hope you read this, all the best to you.

  2. Good one! Thank you!

  3. Cindy Khos says:

    Excellent show! Rex always love your show because it's not about fear mongering like some other truth shows. We all have to take the truth for it is what it is and deal with it. Thanks for your truth!

  4. Zero Quanta says:

    Everything except One thing was Great. The host with the mic needs to but four more layers of foam on the mic. Or turn his volume down a couple of notches. Nonetheless, This type of show is Needed because we ALL have to work through our general thoughts.
    Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  5. amen!!!! u guys are my kind…..

  6. one EMP, one massive asteroid, one planet X, one ww3 and all the debt in the world will be erased. I am betting that humans will destroy the system to a point where debt is meaningless

  7. Great show! Nothing more satisfying than the truth. It's heart-afirming and scary at he same time to be awake. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  8. If you think about it, Be the change you want to see, Is being used by the psychopaths in charge. I'm not sure but It's a Masonic magic spell. My saying is "Peaceful non-compliance".
    When data dumps start hitting the mainstream, shows like these will be beacons of information, but at the same time could become irrelevant, depending on the level of awareness of the human species.

  9. Master Jace says:

    Remember Gerald, When Changing the machine from the inside,…. it is ultimately the machine that changes you. I really enjoyed your first presentation when you actually got to talk about consciousness, it was uploaded about a year ago. Keep up the great work everyone! Rex, Jay, Matthew, and Gerald, Nice job….

  10. Master Jace says:

    Rex must have had one of the worse bosses in the world!! I agree with you all, You initiate the effort, the universe initiates you.

  11. Excellent episode. Superb.

  12. Master Jace says:

    Maybe the Bird clan and the Dragon clan are just essentially followers or offspring of Enlil or Enki, since they had different mothers and the bird and dragon reference, and on top of that maybe it was a way to describe the ships and vessels favored by the clans? Aerial versus submercible and anti grav?

  13. Steve Stone says:

    My opinion on the awakening, and or disclosure of whomever or whatever ,is exactly how Gerald described in his
    answer , the reason is because I 4 1 know that knowledge is the key to the enlightenment, because. ,,,,, Jan of this year is when my inner self awoke from its materialistic money driven coma, before this happened I thought nothing of any one with any info from the ages, or that believed in any of the "conspiracy theory" type logic so 8months ago I thought why do I go to work why am I chasing this carrot there has to be more to life than this then I awoke I saw the sun 2X in the same morning one was redder than the other from that moment I started changing, my conscious self started to live started on this path of enlightenment and I have found every answer to every major question I ever I ever contemplated so far!!!!! It took one morning for the switch to get turned on 8 months later I'm a completely changed meat modem that's more in sync with things I'm still hoping to learn about , so I think it will b BOMBSHELL DISCLOSURE

  14. Absolutely awesome interview guys, thank you:) you answered a lot of questions that I have with regard to living service to others, when financial issues are prevalent due to family responsibilities. I appreciate everything you guys are doing to help humanity x✌?

  15. bipola telly says:

    ya' gotta admire the big pharma business plan…..

  16. Organic Fool says:

    God is spirit and truth John 4

  17. Oh yes the system has people manipulated and running as fast as they can to maintain certain standard's of living.   So busy they can't or won't try to understand the system they live in and how it works and the many agenda's coming down from the top.  To understand their pattern's and propaganda  and so on and so forth.

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