DEFCON 3: Russia & US War—If Hillary’s Elected It May Be Nuclear, Says Russian Official!


Here’s the link that goes with the video: Get The Tea: Need Food Storage: …


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  1. Lily spice says:

    DEFCON WARNING SYSTEM!!!!! UPDATE 10/13/16!!!!!! ANNOUNCEMENT OCT 14, 2016 by………….."Ryan"??????????? It may as well say "pls subscribe"

  2. CY says:

    I cant imagine what would happen to America and the rest of the world after the new presidential elections, trump and Hilary will not be a good leaders!!

  3. I think we have to worry ESPECIALLY if Trump gets elected… and I am voting Trump… that Obama will throw this nation under the bus during his lame duck session during Nov, Dec and 1/2 of January…. The fury of Hillary and Obama, who knows what they will do to retaliate against American's for voting them out. But I know if Trump gets in Russia will probably restrain themselves to see how Trump works with them to prevent WW3. God help us!

  4. WHERE ARE OUR BUNKERS OBAMA? Think… you can tell how quickly a presidential candidate might push the red button by how big their family is. Hillary only has Chelsea's family to worry about, so she could get her quickly into the Gov. bunker at a moments notice. Trump has several children, many grandchildren, x wives I am sure he doesn't want to die. So he would know it would be impossible to get ALL his family members to a bunker or safety… therefore way more hesitant to subject the American ppl to nuclear war. Where as Hillary only has to worry about Chelsea… of course she might not even care about her own daughter, she is a cold fish.

  5. When Roger Ailes left Fox… Murdock (?) turned FOX into CNN except for Hannity and Judge. I do was Fox Business Varney and Co and Lou Dobbs. I am down to the internet for news… barely can watch the local weather on affiliates. Won't give them my ratings.

  6. yes LIsa… really!!! from Finland to one guy in Tampere =)

  7. th3azscorpio says:

    Hiroshima's and Nagasaki's everywhere??? Really? You already know that Hitlery is likely going to get into office, regardless of what we decide.

  8. vphathom says:

    Lisa you have a great channel

  9. Donald Trump's new moto: let's make america rape again

  10. lets tear down the boarders and bring in the muslims all you faggots got to get used to it pussies

  11. Lisa, we really need to talk. I can help you. You will not be disappointed.

  12. It's kind of hard to tell if you're doing this to lead blind idiots and collect that sweet ad revenue or if you really ARE this delusional.

  13. Aaron Thomas says:

    Its going to be no matter who ends up in office….. We are careening in that direction per decades of terrible decisions, it is now unavoidable, irrespective of president.

  14. jtappia says:

    vote for trump! or the end is near!

  15. Bishma Wood says:

    "Vladimir Pewtin"

  16. With all respect…you are a very beautiful woman!

  17. alex neil says:

    love your videos, i cant understand how she is even at 41 they need to put her in jail, even the congress says she is a criminal. we dont want war with russia that would be insane. trump 2016 2020

  18. colibri vole says:

    Where are all the hundreds of thousands manifestants againts the Vietnam war ? What generation are you now americain people ? STAND UP and SAY NO TO WAR IN SYRIA ANYMORE !!!

  19. Comi says:

    Trump save us plz

  20. darthdave666 says:

    If you Americans vote for Hilary after all the stuff you know about her if your that dumb then quite frankly the world IQ average will rise drastically without you

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