Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China

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Paul Craig Roberts

The several days of organized protests in Ukraine are notable for the relative lack of police violence. Unlike in the US, Canada, Thailand, Greece, and Spain, peaceful protesters have not been beaten, tear gassed, water cannoned, and tasered by Ukrainian police. Unlike in Egypt, Palestine, and Bahrain, Ukrainian protesters have not been fired upon with live ammunition. The restraint of the Ukrainian government and police in the face of provocations has been remarkable. Apparently, Ukrainian police have not been militarized by US Homeland Security.

Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China

What are the Ukrainian protests about? On the surface, the protests don’t make sense. The Ukrainian government made the correct decision to stay out of the EU. Ukraine’s economic interests lie with Russia, not with the EU. This is completely obvious.

The EU wants Ukraine to join so that Ukraine can be looted, like Latvia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal. The situation is so bad in Greece, for example, that the World Health Organization reports that some Greeks are infecting themselves with HIV in order to receive the 700 euro monthly benefit for the HIV-infected.

The US wants Ukraine to join so it can become a location for more of Washington’s missile bases against Russia.

Why would Ukrainians want to be looted?

Why would Ukrainians want to become targets for Russia’s Iskander Missiles as a host country for Washington’s aggression against Russia?

Why would Ukrainians having gained their sovereignty from Russia want to lose it to the EU?

Obviously, an intelligent, aware, Ukrainian population would not accept these costs of joining the EU.

So, why the protests?

Part of the answer is Ukrainian nationalists’ hatred of Russia. With the Soviet collapse, Ukraine became a country independent of Russia. When empires break up, other interests can seize power. Various secessions occurred producing a collection of small states such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, the former central Asian Soviet Republics, Ukraine, the Baltics, and the pieces into which Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were broken by “nationalism.” The governments of these weak states were easy for Washington to purchase. The governments of these powerless states are more responsive to Washington than to their own people. Much of the former Soviet Empire is now part of Washington’s Empire. Georgia, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, now sends its sons to die for Washington in Afghanistan, just as Georgia did for the Soviet Union,

These former constituent elements of the Russian/Soviet Empire are being incorporated into Washington’s Empire. The gullible nationalists, naifs really, in these American colonies might think that they are free, but they simply have exchanged one master for another.

They are blind to their subservience, because they remember their subservience to Russia/Soviet Union and have not yet realized their subservience to Washington, which they see as a liberator with a checkbook. When these weak and powerless new countries, which have no protector, realize that their fate is not in their own hands, but in Washington’s hands, it will be too late for them.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington quickly stepped into the place of Russia. The new countries were all broke, as was Russia at the time and, thus, helpless. Washington used NGOs funded by Washington and its EU puppets to create anti-Russian, pro-American, pro-EU movements in the former constituent parts of Soviet Russia. The gullible peoples were so happy to have escaped the Soviet thumb that they did not realize that they now had new masters.

It is a good bet that the Ukrainian protests are a CIA organized event, using the Washington and EU funded NGOs and manipulating the hatred of Ukrainian nationalists for Russia. The protests are directed against Russia. If Ukraine can be realigned and brought into the fold of Washington’s Empire, Russia is further diminished as a world power.

To this effect NATO conducted war games against Russia last month in operation Steadfast Jazz 2013. Finland, Ukraine, Georgia, and neutral Sweden have offered their military participation in the next iteration of NATO war games close to Russia’s borders despite the fact that they are not NATO members.

The diminishment of Russia as a powerful state is critical to Washington’s agenda for world hegemony. If Russia can be rendered impotent, Washington’s only concern is China.

The Obama regime’s “Pivot to Asia” announced Washington’s plan to surround China with naval and air bases and to interject Washington into every dispute that China has with Asian neighbors. China has responded to Washington’s provocation by expanding its air space, an action that Washington calls destabilizing when in fact it is Washington that is destabilizing the region.

China is unlikely to be intimidated, but could undermine itself if its economic reform opens China’s economy to western manipulation. Once China frees its currency and embraces “free markets,” Washington can manipulate China’s currency and drive China’s currency into volatility that discourages its use as a rival to the dollar. China is disadvantaged by having so many university graduates from US universities, where they have been indoctrinated with Washington’s view of the world. When these American-programmed graduates return to China, some tend to become a fifth column whose influence will ally with Washington’s war on China.

So where does this leave us? Washington will prevail until the US dollar collapses.

Many support mechanisms are in place for the dollar. The Federal Reserve and its dependent bullion banks have driven down the price of gold and silver by short-selling in the paper futures market, allowing bullion to flow into Asia at bargain prices, but removing the pressure of a rising gold price on the exchange value of the US dollar.

Washington has prevailed on Japan and, apparently, the European Central Bank, to print money in order to prevent the rise of the yen and euro to the dollar.

The Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnerships are designed to keep countries in the US dollar payments system, thus supporting the dollar’s value in currency markets.

Eastern European members of the EU that still have their own currencies have been told that they must print their own currencies in order to prevent a rise in their currency’s value relative to the US dollar that would curtail their exports.

The financial world is under Washington’s thumb. And Washington is printing money for the sake of 4 or 5 mega-banks.

That should tell the protestors in Ukraine all they need to know.

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  1. Elaine December 7, 2013 at 7:39 am - Reply

    This absolutely boggles the mind “IF” I am understanding the article correctly.
    It “seems” he is doing everything he can to start a war that will end up destroying Our Country.

    All that we are reading every single day…without fail…he makes decisions that are contrary to have a secure, solid country financially and live a life vs being in fear all of the time.
    IF I am misunderstanding, PLEASE feel free to correct me.

  2. Kent Harris December 7, 2013 at 6:11 am - Reply

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste. How can any thinking person believe that the Jews are involved? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and realize that the problem is not the Jews. Who were the perpetrators of 9/11, the Boston bombing, the subway bombing in London and the massacre of the children in Russia. That’s right muslims. Which countries have the most oil? Muslims again. Who has controling shares in the news media? Muslims. Are we seeing a pattern here? I submit that if there is any criminal intent it would be the muslims which you should be worried about and not the Jews.

  3. TheAZCowBoy December 6, 2013 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    Few times in recent history has a bastard nation needed a good (((shellacking))) like the Great Satan does in these difficult times. Leery of an over-powering Chinese military ‘coming down the pike’ they seem enthusiastic to ‘get it on’ while the ‘gettings’ still possible. But, after the ass (((kicking))) the Taliab has given them over the past 134 elapsed months, one has to wonder.

    Karzai (with a little help from the Taliban) has told the Pentagon to get the UNITED SNAKES (US/NATO) ‘baby killers’ pale white asses ‘out of Dodge’ but, to the chagrin of the world it won’t be until the end of 2014 before we will undertsand ‘what part of ‘no!) this bastard criminal doesn’t undestand.

    Oh well………

  4. Stan Sikorski December 6, 2013 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    The Ukrainians did something many nations should do but can’t – they neutralized their jews. You submit the CIA is behind whipping up the nationalists. Yeah maybe, but under orders of the jew 5th column in Washington.

    • TheAZCowBoy December 7, 2013 at 12:49 am - Reply

      One US CIA’s USAID ‘spook’ Jew is languishing in prison for trying to place internet equipment in the hands of the Cuban Jews and ‘the beat goes on.’ I guess the Great Satan would never consider trading him off for the Cuban-5 that the US has incacerated for ‘spying’ on the reichwing Cuban sabutours from Miami that keep flying coverty into Cuba to make trouble (includes smuggling in propaganda leaflets and CIA prepared viles of ‘bugs’ to hopefull destroy Cuba’s delicate sugar crops).

      In Ukraine the CIA’s NED/USAID ‘spooks’ work overtime planting dessension and smuggling in money to raise havoc with the Ukraine prez who has been ‘hog-tied’ by the Russians to defeat the EU trade agreement the US/NATO ‘spooks’ have been trying to put in force as a ‘foothold’ in ‘saving’ Ukraine from the Russians’ who have been trying to get paid for billions of dollars in GASPROM gas Ukraine has burned over the past three winnters – but has been unable to do so. (FYI: While NATO has also been desperately trying to get the Russians out of their huge Sevastopol naval base there that has been priority #1 for them), but ‘princess’ Yavashenko got her ‘tit-in-the-wringer’ trying to shoehorn’ the NATO creeps in, in 2010; but now, finds herself making her protestations from a Russian hospital (I guess the food in jail was more than she could handle) as the UNITED SNAKES sit helplessly by unable to do anything..

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