Demonic Powers behind Magicians (Watch the Eyes)


This video shows some evidence that demons really are behind many magicians NOT ALL. The 8 part series “demon magicians” goes into detail. In this video: …


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  1. as Hitchens said about supernatural claims like the Virgin Birth- what is more likely??- that a god impregnated a virgin without her knowing  or a jewish woman lied!

  2. threshold79 says:

    Yal magicians are lucky i dont study magic but they give me the gift of E.S.P.

  3. Lisa Maynard says:

    Are you that naive? The "eyes" thing your telling us to watch. I can do that!! It's contact lenses. White ones that are rolled to the back of the eye when he pulls his eyelid to the side and rolls his eyes back. Then, vice versa. Pulls the skin, blinks and the contact rolls forward.

  4. hes not evil my friend have some sort of religeon the daedric ways are of the shinobi and is an amazing yet surprising talent

  5. he can read everybodies mind at the same time the best thing to do is meditate and have a positive mind

  6. as you can see he is concentrating his chi hes trying his hardest man his eyes switch just to make it through with everybody man

  7. magic is 100% real, yous are blind, cris angel is the worst one. funny thing is yous dont believe until yous see with your own eyes! it's physically to do what they do and theres no such thing called ILLUSIONS.

  8. In the first one his eyes were black then he blinked and it turned blue like wtf

  9. king TAE says:

    lm; i see science XD

  10. Mylene Buck says:

    this is nothing: my cousins and I witnessed one of us being levitated and spun around like a top by an old magician when we were kids in the Philippines! the strangest thing was they said I got levitated, too, but I swear nothing happened to me.. There were 5 of us swearing it was one of the others but not himself! Now that was some Magic!

  11. Yuri Gagarin says:

    The guy is GOOD ….that is all !!

  12. BBONN says:

    They need Jesus.

  13. Oh man, I'm sure these magicians would LOVE to know people think they're demons. They're performers people, they WANT you to think they're supernatural!


  15. Wow. Just Wow. Proof of demons confirmed. Seems legit.

  16. msi gtx says:

    Do you know all the secrets, bro? God did not send us here to judge, but to help one another. Salvation.

  17. it just seems like telekinesis ?

  18. Stupid people breed too often.

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