Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 1)


Part 1 of A Documentary that I made on the many odd happenings in and around Denver Airport, Colorado. Explains the meanings of the murals, symbology …


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  2. Devon W says:

    3:55 "Jewish girl" holding a bible….wat.

  3. Steven Cruz says:

    redbackpack21 I came here the same way

  4. damn I'm just tryna go and get stoned not creeped out

  5. Jose Font says:

    John Oliver is sadly, tragically, right…

  6. Is it bad that the narrator's over-enunciation bothered me more than the dorky theories? A++ spooky music, though.

  7. Ana Khan says:

    OK, so this is a stupid conspiracy theory. But can we just pay attention for a second to the fact that an airport has all those suuuuper creepy murals.

  8. o3MTA3o says:

    so, now that 12-12-12 has come and gone, where do we stand on conspiracy theories?

  9. Paul Tarsus says:

    John Oliver…..the eye of the all seeing cadbury… your eyes people :)

  10. Net Flix says:

    Thanks John . The people who have seen it, know what I mean…

  11. treesniper12 says:

    topkek, none of it happened GG

  12. damn, they painted over it??? now THAT'S EVEN SPOOKIER

  13. I could have done without that creepy music

  14. Austin Pitts says:

    Is there a conspiracy for everything? and is Denver the capital of the world that we don't know about? Denver just needs better choice of paintings.

  15. New world my ass. I can't believe how many idiots do believe in this crap!

  16. why is it a jewish girl in 3:56 ?? she is caring a christian cross and the star next to it does not look like a david star !

  17. is nobody going to mention Blue Meth, that thing terrifying and the artist died while working on it. (if you live in Colorado or have been to the airport u know what I'm talking about, it's the giant horse in front of the airport)

  18. I love how there are no sources backing up any of this information.

  19. The people who made this need some pussy/dick in their lives

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