Depleted Uranium, Fukushima and Karma


By Christina Consolo
End The Lie

I read a quote earlier in the week about Fukushima fallout in the US, which said, “Depleted uranium (DU), by the hundreds of tons, has been spread around the world from US military weapons systems. What goes around, comes around.”

That phrase has stuck in my head all week and reminded me of the ancient concept of karma. That’s one of the reasons you should be nice to people, and, well, because it’s just the right thing to do.

As I’m writing this article I am watching events unfold in Chicago on Ustream. So far it isn’t pretty, and daylight brings the big day of the Chicago NATO Summit, the much anticipated May 20th.

There are also Russians doing drills in Denver, a G8 meeting at Camp David, a “Ring of Fire” annular eclipse, and a nasty prediction by Nostradamus of a world-wide earthquake to contend with today. Not to mention some fairly sizable earthquakes happening in Japan again.

But the traitorous Department of Homeland Security has other concerns, which, unsurprisingly, includes spying on the American people.

Last week I talked about citizen scientist, citizen journalists, and Fukushima experts. Normal, everyday people who got interested in something that they see is unbalanced, unjust, and downright scary, after which they stepped in to fill the gap.

Now most of us already know about what some are calling “the red flag words.” But there are many that are just getting wind of this situation. And now they are asking questions, doing research and spreading the word about Fukushima as well. So you should probably be told what “the red flag words” are.

A few months ago a list of words was published from the “Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center Media Monitoring Capability Desktop Reference Binder, 2011.”

These are key words that flag you as a potential troublemaker or terrorist to the DHS, resulting in increased monitoring from the DHS or National Security Agency (NSA).

Have you sent any of these words in a recent email? Facebook post? Tweet? Instant message? Skype conversation?

Some of the many red flag words include:

Hazmat Nuclear Chemical Toxic Cloud Plume Radiation Radioactive Mitigation Leak Burn Infection Powder Exposure and Gas.

I use most of these words on a daily basis before 1:00 pm, but that’s because I have a radio show called “Nuked Radio,” and because I don’t give a crap.

The benefit of talking about Fukushima far outweighs the risk of being labeled a troublemaker or any such nonsense. A far greater crime is being committed against the American people.

I can say the government is lying to you, because I know it’s true. And I can say the government is killing babies, because I know it’s also true. I don’t care if I’m tagged, flagged, or put on a list.

In fact I’ll probably use those words 20 or 30 more times before the end of the day, along with some of these as well, since I do a radiation fallout forecast 3 times a week for Canada, the US and Europe:

Emergency Hurricane Tornado Twister Tsunami Earthquake Flood Storm Extreme weather Forest fire Brush fire Ice Help Hail Wildfire Magnitude Typhoon Shelter-in-place Disaster Snow Blizzard Sleet Erosion Power outage Brown out Warning Watch Lightening Aid and Relief.

So now, the most polite conversation topic in the world, the weather, can get you flagged, because those words are on the list as well.

This must keep DHS pretty busy. I mean with all those people trying to get help, aid and relief for the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emergency victims in Japan, and the radiation exposure and toxic contamination plume over here leading to burns and infections! See, just this one sentence would flag me 14 times. And, think of all those terrible people talking about the weather.

What I have noticed recently is that no one else cares, either. We are not afraid of the nuke industry. We are not afraid of the DHS. We are not afraid of the government.

Not a single person has asked to be kept anonymous when posting mutation pictures or sending them to me for researchers to examine.

Because now, we know they lied about the radiation and continue to do so. So they are basically trying to kill you and cover their ass.

And in following Fukushima, some of us have realized that they have lied about a few other things as well, like the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Recent data from independent researchers is showing a 3 times increase in cardiac events in athletes. This is occurring not only in people, but also in racehorses. And not just in the US, but in Europe too since the Fukushima disaster began.

Those who participate in outdoor sports intake more air, hence radiation related illnesses will show up in them faster. Like runners, bicyclists, soccer players, baseball players, and kids at recess. Let’s not forget protestors outside, like the ones protesting the NATO summit in Chicago.

And right now, the Chicago police are driving trucks over protestors in downtown Chicago.

Editor’s note: as per usual, there are some disagreements there, with the police and the large mainstream media outlets on one side and activists on another. This is yet another situation where I recommend that you come to your own conclusions and not take anyone’s word for it.

Now they are breaking up lines of peaceful citizens and shoving them hard, like – and I hate to even say this but – herding sheep. Water cannons and sound cannons (LRAD) have mentioned by some as well.

Even gardening or cutting grass can be strenuous. And cesium, which is a huge component in the releases from Fukushima, attacks the heart muscle.

But besides the NATO Summit, and spent fuel pool #4 which is still a looming threat to humanity, you would think the feds had plenty to keep themselves busy.

There is of course, the greatest financial crisis in history that no one is doing anything about.

And the possibility of thermonuclear war looming with Iran and/or possibly North Korea (both of those are on the red flag word list, too).

And debris field the size of Texas that will be washing up on North American shores shortly along with various other bad news scenarios, some of them Fukushima related, some not.

But what DHS is paying attention to, is what words you are typing on your computer, especially if you’re trying to find out the truth and help people.

Things are pretty chaotic right now. Lots of things are out of our control. But out of chaos comes opportunity. You can control how you react to it. There is a huge opportunity to help one another. Stay safe, if you were brave enough to go to Chicago.

If you haven’t already written to your Senator or state representative about reactor #4, I would suggest you do so.

Oh, and by the way, it’s been 4 weeks since I wrote my first article about Fukushima, and still no progress to report.

Maybe what goes around does comes around, but DU care?

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