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20 Responses

  1. His crying sounds like he's laughing not to be rude.. i'm a bruh bruh but still Lol.

  2. Molly parker says:

    I was crying because I thought he died ??

  3. worku wubea says:

    he needs crying lessons yo

  4. Aidan Diaz says:

    what happened to him

  5. i hat it ne cus you pranct my favrit YouTube er

  6. Judah Emelio says:

    he sounded like he was laughing and if u pause it right at the girl flashed by a flash light it looks like a demon

  7. Omg that's awful! Why would y'all do that?! Poor fousey!!! ???????????

  8. Thats mean dont do that

  9. mimi f says:

    this broke my heart.. lol

  10. u bogus for that tho

  11. Yay that was kind of mean

  12. omg…. that was a bit harsh for Yousef….

  13. but he has the laughs !

  14. omar sayed says:

    Wuss part wimp part puss

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