Did Israel agree to peace? World War 3 has it already begun? Why is the Western Media silent?


In this broadcast you will hear the following: -Has Israel agreed to sign a peace treaty? -Has World War 3 already begun and why is mainstream media “silent?


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  1. James Eads says:

    Another Great Video Sister Dina and A lot of Prophecies coming true be blessed in Jesus Name and thank you for all the trumpets you've been sounding for us Shabbat Shalom Be blessed

  2. Dina Netanyahu is a freemason they moved the agreement to the end of the year come on the real Israel isn't what they said it is the Khazars the synagogue of Satan

  3. Greg ari says:

    Yes while fakestinian still seeking Israel destruction!

  4. Juan Ramirez says:

    thank you sister for your updates great job.

  5. Juan Ramirez says:

    god bless you too

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