Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah??? (Secret REVERSED message in her last song)


Watch the WHOLE video.. It may seem crazy and far fetched but truth is stranger than fiction.. Have an open mind!


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  1. Doja Cat says:

    4:344:46 I think she is talking about how Jay z wanted her instead of beyonce and beyonce even told her that Jay wanted her.

  2. Kitty TFM says:

    It's sad to think that just weeks after she died, 9/11 happened. 2001 was a sad year

  3. Y'all still believing in this Illuminati mess huh ?! Smh

  4. someone answer this…i have seen music stars back in the 70s…who are still jamming today…and nothing has happend to them….Stevie Nicks…Tom Jones…Peter frampton…so on and so on….and nothing has changed except getting older and calming down some…even Ozzy Osborne

  5. You're so smooth, but you wanted BEYONCE : Meaning You act so smooth though you choose Beyonce over me, really smooth right? ( I laughed so hard when I figured this out, Aaliyah can be funny even when shes dead )

  6. Ricky Lee says:

    why do you think dmx hates Jay z? why doesn't dmx doesn't fuck diamond dash?

  7. Avatar BoB says:

    Not your material (you have a copyright disclaimer from Virgin Records/Standard YouTube License). The first backwards version of this, was in 2010 (9 months before this one) by ZAVE. Good truthful video, none the less.

  8. i believe some of this

  9. you know why this hurts me in the making of the video she said that she was afraid of going underwater and they forced her to do it.RIP princess

  10. you know why this hurts me in the making of the video she said that she was afraid of going underwater and they forced her to do it.RIP princess

  11. Never looking up backwards stuff again

  12. Im watching this at night im scared

  13. i dont believe in Illuminati so i dont even know why im watching this

  14. Marcus lol says:

    whats the song in the begining someone please tell ?

  15. James King says:

    What Is The Song In The Beginning?

  16. Tahmid says:

    Whats the background song at the beginning called?

  17. i almost cried watching this… i never heard of her but i know her now… im proud of her she was a wonderful person she stuck with god :,) R.I.P

  18. but you wanted Beyonce….,

  19. Aaliyah, you're resting easy and angelically at the feet of God – We miss and love you.

    This is crazy because left eye and a little boy both died within a few weeks of each other. And he had her last name only spelled one letter off. Then she died in a horrible car accident where everyone else in the car (4 people) lived, except her. The last name thing is real eerie and that part has always tripped me out.

    And then with Aaliyah it almost seems like…she died, it went worldwide for a little bit…and it's like before you kew it, the industry and media moved on almost like they were never there. But the way the media just kind of dropped the vague details of the pilot on us never really added up. And this is what made me side-eye the media.

    All they would say was that the "pilot" was all messed up on cocaine but they kept making sure to tell us that Aaliyah and her friends/team had all been warned numerous times AND told not to fly because the weight capacity would be dangerously exceeded should they take flight… Personally-if it were me and 8 friends of mine? I think we would be waiting for the next plane.

    I just don't believe that that many people would all agree that getting back to Miami for a show, photoshoot, or talk show etc was worth it enough to (truly) risk their lives and ignore the warnings of possible life threatening plane complications.

    I suppose Lord Jesus is the only one who really KNOWS what really happened. And what is happening in this music industry let alone world.

    Just gotta stay AWAKE and in prayer guys. God bless and great video!

  20. What is the beat called in the beginning

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