Did You Get the Memo? Be Afraid America!

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Dave Hodges

We have grown accustomed to the tyranny at the Federal level. The CIA is the most efficient organized criminal operation on the planet. The spy tactics of the NSA would make the East German Stasi green with envy. With the NSA watching our every move, nobody should feel safe for fear of being branded an enemy of the state. Even journalists are feeling the brunt of the new found bravado of the globalists. The systematic murders of journalists such as Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings for getting “too close” are stark reminders that our republic democracy is a facade and has degenerated into a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Did You Get the Memo Be Afraid America!

Talking about the CFR used to bring on the tin foil hat comments. Now this criminal organization and its minions are fully exposed as evidenced by Hillary giving her Secretary of State Farewell Address to the organization on January 31, 2013.

Talking about the CFR used to bring on the tin foil hat comments. Now this criminal organization and its minions are fully exposed as evidenced by Hillary giving her Secretary of State Farewell Address to the organization on January 31, 2013.


Where the Federal government and the existence of their confederate secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relation and the Trilateral Commission, were once denied, they are now fully admitted to and championed as the true rulers of this country.

Trilaterals Over Washington

Pat Wood, Co-Author of Trilaterals Over Washington


I remember back in 1979 when I was give the book Trilaterals Over Washington which was co-authored by Anthony Sutton and Patrick Wood, that I was horrified that such a small group of men could control such vast resources and do so much harm to humanity. My admitted surprise speaks to my level of ignorance at that time. I was a budding researcher at the time and I had a ravenous appetite to learn more about these Constitutional usurpers. What I discovered was that Sutton and Wood’s book was largely a standalone piece. Of course there was the classic None Dare Call It a Conspiracy, by Gary Allen, and there was that one article in 1977 in Atlantic Monthly which mentioned the Trilateral Commission, but debunked the conspiratorial angle.

The media was postured in such a way, in that day, that if anyone mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, you were marginalized and ridiculed. Today, we are witnessing a complete reversal in government secrecy as it relates to their participation in global tyranny and the installation of a police state surveillance grid.The destruction of this country is totally being done in stealth, but things have changed.

Why Are the Misdeeds of the CIA Out In the Open?

Indeed, the veil of NWO secrecy has been stripped away. The CIA is admitting past transgressions  from as far back as 60 year ago when modern Iranian history took a critical turn when the CIA backed coup overthrew the country’s prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. True to their mafia nature, the CIA never admits to anything. Does this mean that they are turning over a new leaf and are submitting to a new era of agency transparency and accountability? Not really, when the CIA admits to their complicit behavior of running drugs for guns in the Iran-Contra Affair and setting up the cocaine gangs and started the drug war in LA in the 1980′s to fund and facilitate Iran Contra, I might take their “open disclosure intentions” more seriously. And when the CIA admits its role in the murder of JFK, then I might begin to cut some slack to what has been the most virulent organized criminal organization in the world. And when CIA director Brennan, admits to having award winning journalist Michael Hastings murdered, then maybe I will take a serious look at considering that the CIA is entering into a new era of openness.

Did Obama Actually Fulfill One of His Campaign Promises?

Some would argue that there is a new era of transparency that is emanating from Washington D.C. and that Obama is finally making good on his campaign promise to oversee the most transparent organization in the history of the country? Not in a pig’s eye. We are not witnessing a new age of accountability, we are watching the unveiling of in-your-face tyranny.

Fear and Intimidation Is the Objective

Didn’t you get the message that tyranny is out of the closet and is being placed firmly in the faces of the American public? The globalists are sending a clear message, “Fear Us!” Their intent is to frighten and intimidate the public into believe that resistance is futile.

Close your curtains, NSA Director, Keith Alexander, is watching and listening to you.

Close your curtains, NSA Director, Keith Alexander, is watching and listening to you.

Recently, the NSA revealed that they spied upon innocent Americans by intercepting an unspecified number of emails. Of course, the NSA said that this was an “accident.” The accident aspect of the story is not believable, however, the objective was achieved with the revelation; “Be afraid America, very afraid, we are watching everything you do.”

Nowhere is the in-your-face-tyranny more prevalent than in the today’s law enforcement agencies as we have witnessed the militarization of the police which are now designed to harass and intimidate.

The Overt Militarization of the Police

As we witness the unfolding of the extreme militarization of the police, the American public is increasingly being subjected to heinous, Gestapo and KGB types of crimes being committed against innocent American citizens.

Recently, in Phoenix, stunned neighbors watched as mentally disturbed Michael Ruiz, who was having a mental heath episode on the roof of his apartment building, was choked and tasered while one of the assailing cops chanted the familiar refrain: “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” The assailing cops then shackled Ruiz’s hands and feet, and dragged him down the stairs without supporting his head. Ruiz’s unsupported head struck every one of the concrete stairs on the way down. By the time Ruiz reached the parking, he was murdered by the shock troops of the Phoenix Police Department. Ruiz was declared brain-dead at nearby St. Joseph’s hospital. The police attempted to cover up their thuggish behavior by confiscating all the cell phones and cameras that they could find. However, these criminal police did not get all of them.

Alejandro Gonzalez surrendered in San Jose on January 10, 2011. The 22-year-old was the suspect in a non-fatal shooting that had taken place on New Year’s Day at a local bar called the Mucky Duck.

A multi-agency SWAT team invaded the home of 31-year-old Rogelio Serrato, Jr.  Serrato, who was known as Roger to friends and family, and was not a suspect in the shooting. He was thought to have been harboring Gonzalez, which he was not. The police swat team threw in a flash grenade to his home, thus setting the house on fire and Serrato subsequently was killed.


 Roger Serrato and son.

Roger Serrato and son.

Monterey County agreed to a $2.6 million settlement with Serrato’s family, which was paid by the county’s insurance carrier and absolves the sheriff’s office of legal responsibility while praising the actions of the arresting officers.

boston martial law dress rehearsal

Who will ever forget the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing? The show of force following the event was unwarranted and unprecedented as the police were given a script to follow by the Federal government and local officers performed their martial law “Federalized” duties with notable distinction.

Even My Efforts Have Drawn Scrutiny From Criminal Elements

I have been investigating the presence of Russian troops in Alaska, Tennessee,  Kentucky and California. My efforts have drawn scrutiny as the new level of intimidation is being visited upon me for my efforts


Last month I talked to you on the phone and we were disconnected twice.  
As I know you are aware it was the ears of those who watch that disconnected us.  
Most of my communications by any means is usually intercepted, delayed or is sent back to me and never makes it to the receiver.  
I bring this up to you as I was talking to someone who knows me.  
This person told me they received a text message that identified it as coming from me and received several of them.  
They then received a telephone call from my number and claimed to be me and of course this person knew this was not true as they know my voice. 
Why i bring this up is during the course of the conversation whoever was calling commented that they wanted to talk to them about "Dave Hodges".  
The only way that my number and your name would come up was from when we talked.  
There is some extremely guarded stuff going on at mclb in yermo.  Thought i would share this with you, eyes and ears.

This is clearly a thinly veiled warning designed to intimidate me. For the record, I am not suicidal and I do not drive at high rates of speeds.


The police are the country’s most dangerous street gang. One significant distinction between police and their private sector counterparts is that street gangs don’t expect to receive commendations when they kill innocent people. However, it is not tyranny without an endgame. The fear and intimidation being perpetrated by law enforcement is by design. Why do they want us to be so fearful? They want us to be fearful, very fearful. What do they want us to be afraid of? The answer to that question is contained in the next of this series.

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  1. 5 War Veteran August 25, 2013 at 9:46 am - Reply

    I am not afraid, Je Suis Prest! Molon Labe. I have been to war, real war, and every day in every war I knew it could be my last. I was ready then as I am now. Only now I know the deceptions that the US Government has perpetrated, the lies they have played on the people and the crimes they are responsible for. That is why they are preparing for Civil War. That is why they are trying to take our weapons because they ARE afraid, very afraid, and they are certain we will not be kind in our actions regarding their crimes.

  2. Gabe August 24, 2013 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    I am very surprised that these cops behave this way given the fact that they all go home alone, they grocery shop alone, they jog alone etc.
    At any time, men with specific skills could get to them and get rid of them. Regular itizens could begin acting like the gangs or mobsters etc.
    Why do these people in uniform believe that people will not exact revenge? It would be so easy to do.
    Perhaps the people in uniform understand that very few of us would act that way? They know that we will allow ourselves to be brutalized and done away with?
    It has always been interesting to me that decent people operate this way until it is too late
    To have an effect or until a full scale up rising happens. I suppose that 99% of humanity only finds courage as part of a large mass of bodies.
    People really are the lion in te wizard of oz!

  3. moose4u2 August 24, 2013 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Time to take our country back from these thugs.JUST THINK HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM just to give it away to these thugs traitors breaking every rule in the books.We can’t let this go on we have to stand up to this so called government selling us to the highest bidder. LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING.

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