Discovery Channel – Sniper: Inside The Crosshairs – Full Documentary History


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  1. John Connor says:

    If you watch 26:1526:16 in .25 speed, you can see the "bullet" hole appear before ht crosshairs are even close enough

  2. lolgreat video and thanks for the ones that serve us

  3. This is well old .longest kill shot is by a british sniper.

  4. Lol valatines day 19"69"

  5. I always wanted to a sniper since I could remember mine dad served 4 15 years I and my papa served 6 and my great papa served in ww1 and ww2

  6. why all the ads?

  7. NaudizCubed says:

    The AK47 from 1.6/source played so many times, lmao

  8. Ghost 17 says:

    Lol why did they put subtitles only on the British dude? I understood him well lol. And then when the former navy seal guy talked there were no subtitles. Lol little funny. But great video. Snipers are the most badass in the marines in my opinion.

  9. Mattekin says:

    Why do americans insist on measuring distance with football fields?

  10. Fucking boot fucked PVTS if you would have just STAYED THE FUCK down you wouldn't have been shot.

  11. why is dragonuv always the sniper for the bad guys

  12. didnt corporal craig harrison made a shot longer that 1.5 mile kill

  13. Darcy Back says:

    you are cooooool?????

  14. snipers that drop dune coons stone cold are alright by me

  15. ElfDoc says:

    A headshot is the way to go. Once that bullet gets into your skull, it literally takes pieces of brain with the force of the bullet as it exits. It's a sure insta-kill. And you'll know they won't be getting back up any time soon.

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