Disney Cartoons Illuminati – Mind Control – subliminal message – Documentary Illuminati HD 2015


The Illuminati ( plural of Latin Illuminatus , ” enlightened ” ) is the name given to several groups , both real and fictitious . Historically , the name refers to the Bavarian …


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  1. this guys seems like that guy that will not let anyone have there say haha

  2. clare miles says:

    Someone needs a straight jacket!

  3. wait im 13 and im muslim that f up man

  4. It's Masonry not Masondry

  5. my brain is suddenly back now that I understand everything best thing I have ever seen

    I'm sorry, but this is just great.

  7. Mom, I think I came to the weird part of the internet again…

  8. Keani Lee says:

    Bro u opens my eye so wide dude no more magic cartoon or nun like that

  9. RankedAurora says:

    The gravity falls part is just a character BASED on the eye of province (what ya'll call illuminati)
    And the pictures of bill is just peep holes for him to watch the cartoon characters…

  10. you should remake this and tone down your voice a bit…your yelling distracts your points and will put people off…even though your right

  11. wow u did blow my mind

  12. Locustnet G says:

    The TRULY laughable part of this is (coincidentally) that the trailer for the Disney/Pixar film "The Good Dinosaur" came on before the video. Gotta love YouTube…

  13. Kevin S says:

    i like the video but lol, you sound like the comic book guy from the simpsons.

  14. Film Critic says:

    Dude, the Freemasons are Christians not satanist, and you need to get your facts straight before saying this is a documentary.

  15. bobby wilson says:

    Damn I wish I could get past your voice to actually watch the video seems like u bot some good finds

  16. ALBERRO says:

    It's true, the narrator's voice makes this a hard one to sit thru. It's got good points but because of the audio I can't get thru it…

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