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Disneyland Paris Haul! ** Disneyland Paris offer:- From 28th April to 29th June 2016… Up to 20% off + Free Half Board For arrivals from 30th April until 31st …


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  1. Andrew Ward says:

    1ST!!! Behind Rachybop :)

  2. Andrew Ward says:

    Some nice items u have there Rachybop 🙂 I liked them all. Those Tsum Tsums are my favourite I have seen them for a while now on your channel and 1 thing I have learnt is no matter what character u can get they all have really cute faces <3 . I wish I could help u out Rachybop for what u could use to put all your Minnie/Mickey mouse ears on. Only thing I can think of would be some sort of a pole like say in your cupboard where you hang on your clothes put them all in order on that pole if there is room (but try not to take up Ryans side LOL! 😉 ) . So it was Santa Fe where u stayed I noticed u said earlier that it is more Cars themed now so would be nice if I go back and stay there again with Cars theme 🙂 . Anyway thanks for sharing your Disney Haul items with us was really nice to see. I bet it felt like Christmas opening all your items and showing us 🙂 . Thanks for the upload. :)

  3. Wow! you stayed at the Disney's Hotel Santa Fe.  That is one of the top hotels when Laura visited.  They couldn't get in because it was fully booked even 1 year in advance…

  4. YOU BEEN THERE DONE IT!! And I bet you have one HUGE GRIN!! On your face LOL Laura also went to the Rainforest café.. It sound like you hade a awesome time.. Thanks for sharing

  5. MsLu02 says:

    For the Disney ears storage, just search "headband display" and you should find some great ideas! here's one that would be cute.. you could probably even make a DIY version! 

  6. Georgia98xxx says:

    Hi:) I hope this isn't too personal but how much spending money did you take with you? I'm going for 5 days in February and am not sure how much to take! Xx

  7. do a disney ears collection 

  8. Anniex 01 says:

    Hi! I'm going tho disneyland in 5 days and I have like 120€ money. Do you think It's enough? I really like buying things, but I know disneyland is expensive. Hope you ansewr xx 

  9. I'm staying in Sante Fe in September 🙂 I plan on taking the shower gels too… haha

  10. Andrew Ward says:

    Bet u can't wait can u Rachybop to be able to go again to Disneyland Paris or even Disney in USA 🙂 . Don't think I asked u before but was it your 1st time at Disneyland Paris? Also was it your Stepmums 1st time at Disneyland Paris or even 1st time ever at a Disney Park either Paris or in USA? Thanks for the reshare as always Rachybop <3 :D

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