Disney’s Ducktales Says “Ask About Illuminati”


The eye chart in the history reads “Talk to About Illuminati.” It then adjustments through the scene. You use “A person EYE” when looking through eye charts. Episode is “Yuppy Ducks.” http://evilindustry.com/


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  1. It is very clear (although the bottom is kind of blurred out), but it does say "ASK ABOUT ILLUM." Now I would have to say that's kind of a coincidence that it closely resembles "ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI," and if you go to 16 seconds of the video, you'll see that the chart has changed, which is kind of strange because I'm wondering what was the reason for it? It now say's "ASK A ILLUM," and the bottom is once blurred out. If you haven't researched about Illuminati, look it up because they are for real. Personally, I have become kind of obsessed with all this Illuminati stuff because I started to see all these clues and hidden messages throughout cartoons, music videos, movies, advertisements, logos, etc. It sounds crazy but don't you think it's strange that all these pyramids and the single eye are seen pretty frequently? I don't think its just pure coincidence because they are not hiding it very well.

  2. q is, how does the door contrive to normalize toms' proportions, or seemingly

    I know CR7's shoulders, 6'1, are down there style 'ting, not least a 5'9 Man, check a gate/fence door against the panel of it's reflective illusion and disparity against scientific justice Mr Icke. Even though science is obviously mostly Bollocks, what if God or Moloch made one levitate — would they be above, not bound to OR Science ; and with parallel dimension theory who's to define whats' realistic, so called schizophrenics may be — sometimes — merely visiting different dimensions with alternate laws and possibly evil/s, which wouldn't really want "Our" one to know. What if the realms or spirits or technologies or aliens were to apply such spells to one's physical body, brain, or alchemical structure – ?

  3. they code height you idiots

    miwwazzz zpin, Packs of pringles and pikeys try to mingle, unfortunately fat crackers smell worse than what's re-vealed

  4. JAYO says:

    all of these cartoonists were Freemasons and Disney was basically the head Mason of all these cartoons with all his subliminal messages in Disney…
    because who doesn't love Disney?!?? lol… so i don't believe this was meant to be hidden… it's right there in plain fucking site… This was all done on purpose! and it is still being done… And the very last one that was thrown in all of our faces was last night during the Superbowl.

  5. Kengo 1974 says:

    Maybe Disney decides this shit in his Room 33.

  6. 1:04 it says A

  7. KRUZYGAMING says:

    it says illauminatil 1:04

  8. it only says A ska illum intam.

  9. martin silva says:

    so disney is encouraging us to discover the iluninati

  10. Dread White says:

    Hahaha, yes, is called priming. We must get the youth of the world to be familiar with their leaders

  11. do any of you get it a seeing eye chart and it says Illuminati "seeing eye"? then chart? get it

  12. The sign in the background said ask about illuminati at the very beginning and as I get farther in the video it changes to ask a illuminity

  13. It was announced that Disney XD is rebooting Ducktales and will air sometime in 2017

  14. wait a sec..

    the eye chart says ask about illuminati

    see what they did there? EYE chart:)

  15. it doesnt say ask about illuminati

  16. At 0:32 it says "aka cum tam g boys" so idk what that could mean, but there's that

  17. Pascal 1993 says:

    But how do I ask about them?

  18. Wolf Edmunds says:

    All I see is

  19. ashley m says:

    In 0:16 seconds in the video, it only says " aska illum "
    Im the only one that noticed the mistake or??

  20. You people don't understand? The eye chart says 'ask about illuminati' that's why the title is that

  21. Roger Rabbit says:

    One guy bought up an interesting point. That it could be an inside joke, based on the fact that this takes place in a mental health clinic. What better for a setting like that, than some good old-fashioned paranoia?

  22. Quien viene por doc tops :v (el plagiador ;v)

  23. I'm not surprised at all.

  24. Skuler TNT says:

    I just so hard but I found it… It says "Ask About Illuminatasm"..
    (i.e) The practice of illuminati…

  25. letters are changed at the beginning has been published letter U, and then near the end A stands

  26. "the illuminati are obsessed with symbolisme" you hear that so often! I don't think phrases like in this cartoon are put there because an occult group wants to let people know that they're in charge… it is obvious though that these companies want the people to "talk about illuminati" the question is why… Let's be honest, if you want to rule over people you're gonna fool them into believing you and your group are benevolent, and know what is good for them… You're not gonna scare the public by propagating that you're devilish… right??

  27. All this stuff they tell you about Disney is a lie because if you watch everything that they say you look in the spot they say its in and its not there they just uses technology to change it I've tried to find it I can't so there is the truth

    it has an AU which everyone seems to be ignoring.

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