Dissolving the Make-Believe Matrix


These power crazed would be rulers don’t own the earth. They don’t own you and me. They don’t own all their stupid secret symbols. They don’t own the present, they don’t own the future. They don’t even own themselves.

They’re usurpers, in every sense of the word. And absolutely nothing to fear.

Dissolving the Make-Believe Matrix

That these invading power freaks striving to control the world should try to lay claim to some secret knowledge and power source that is superior to everything else is a fraud. That they think they can bring on world changing events that result in national clampdowns and population reduction is their personal nightmare in the making.

It’s only true if we submit to it. Our validation and obeisance affirm their intentions. Without that it would immediately crumble into dust.

Lies have no power unless believed. That’s the power of the awakening.

See Through It For What It Is

We need to see it for what it is. A spiritual charade. A flimsy fabrication appearing real that only comes into being when humanity buys into it. Quantum physics confirms this. We get what we focus on and affirm.

While we have to deal with their very real machinations they’ve unleashed to destroy the earth and most of its inhabitants for whatever sick reasons they conjure, they have no superior super-powers to fear. Only those we give them by getting entranced by and believing their lies. At any point humanity can walk away from it and stop supporting it. Soldiers can lay down their guns, police can join with the populace, employees can walk from their jobs, consumers can stop consuming what is wrong, and the media can just be ignored.

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